Updated: December 2017

Garlando Foosball Table Reviews:

A Guide to Garlando Foosball Tables: Buy the Best --- A game of champions...high stakes, fast action, and cute little wooden men in soccer uniforms. What could be better than foosball? Enjoyed by everyone from frat boys to the "Friends" crew to kids, foosball is loosely based on association football - or soccer to Americans. The game, which has roots that stretch back over a century, is loved in bars, clubs, schools, and even in the privacy of your own home. That way, you can sharpen your skills on your very own foosball table before trouncing the opposition at foosball tournaments. Far more than a bar game, foosball has caught on in competitive circles. In fact, the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) holds worldwide competitions that coincide with soccer's big dance, the FIFA World Cup. From big purse tournaments to friendly (or not-so-friendly) bar games, foosball is good, old-fashioned, competitive fun, and no one knows fun - or foosball -like Garlando. Garlando, an Italian game table manufacturer, began in 1954 when Renato Garlando decided to reproduce the football (or table soccer or foosball) tables that were being made in France. From a small company in the Spinetta Marengo village near Alessandria, Italy to one that is internationally recognized as a leader in game tables, Garlando is still family-owned, still committed to providing nothing but the best craftsmanship, and still creating fun. Legend has it that Renato's father made coffins, which his son turned into his first rudimentary soccer tables. From these humble and rather macabre beginnings come some of the best foosball tables in the world.
garlando foosball table

What is Foosball? And Why Do You Need a Garlando Foosball Table?

If you have watched television or ventured outside your home, you have likely seen a foosball table. While there are variations, typically, a foosball game table will have eight rods, onto which the players are attached. The rods turn the players, allowing you to "kick" the ball. The goal is to get the ball past the other team's goalie. The goalie is usually quite limited in motion, though some tables have either sloping edges or up to three goalies to accommodate for this. You have your goalie (or 2 or 3), then usually 2 or three defense foosmen, 2 or 3 opponent attackers, and five midfield foosmen. Then it's five opponent foosmen at midfield, three attackers, two opponent defensemen and then the goalkeeper(s). The number of foosmen per line can vary, usually by plus or minus 1. It is such a beloved pastime because it is easy to get into the competitive and fun spirit of the game. And it's even easier with a Garlando table. Why choose a Garlando foosball table? As they say, they simply offer more. There is a comprehensive three-year warranty to ensure you get nothing but the best. Garlando doesn't just want to produce a superior product; they want to ensure that you have a superior gaming experience. In addition to the warranty, you will find excellent and helpful customer service. Among the "more" that Garlando offers is a table comparison chart. You simply select two or more tables that you are considering, and Garlando instantly develops a chart which compares their specs and features so you can be sure you are getting the table you want. And what we all want is quality, choice, safety, and appearance. Garlando adheres to strict European Safety Rules and are safe for even young children. There are telescopic safety bars and ball bearings to reduce stress on wrists and ensure smooth game play. Garlando tables are not made of cheap chipboard, but high-quality medium-density fiberboard and multi-layer plywood. All these features equal one thing: outstanding play and unparalleled fun. Garlando delivers everything you'll need for a great time: all you have to worry about is keeping your goalie on his toes and being on top of your game. You can buy Garlando foosball tables at Walmart and other sporting goods stores, but we online websites tend to have the best prices. Browse the top selling Garlando foosball tables here.

The G500: Garlando's Most Popular Foosball Table:

And the award for Best Foosball Table goes to...the Garlando G-500 Soccer Table. It is no wonder that the G-500 is one of the most popular foosball tables in the world. Since its first appearance in 1997, the G-500 has been Garlando's best selling foosball game table because of its classic looks, stability, durability, and quality. "Stuff Magazine" named the G-500 the best foosball table for all these reasons and more. It lasts a lifetime, it looks great in bars, pubs, clubs, schools, and right in your own home. The table itself is made of medium density fiberboard with melamine coating and has durable heavy duty steel legs. The playing surface is 5mm thick transparent glossy glass, non-reflective sanded glass, or plastic laminate, all of which offer a smooth green field with white lines. The G-500 also features: steel ball bearings, high resistance steel bars, steel rolling bearings, your choice of rotating and non-rotating goalkeeper, and your choice of standard or telescopic bars. Telescopic bars are great if you have children: they do not protrude from the side of the table, helping prevent strikes to the face and eyes. The foosball tables, which come partially assembled for easier construction, are perfect for any number of indoor uses. Many businesses also use the tables as a form of advertising. It is possible to apply your logo, as Nestle, Phillips, Converse All Star, Heineken, and Winchester have. The G-500 comes in your choice of briar wood or maple wood for indoor use. Weatherproofed G-500s, great for outdoor use, come in red with yellow accents or blue. All beautiful choices and all are very versatile. How much is a Garlando foosball table? You can find an indoor G-500 on Amazon for about $900. A weatherized version is slightly more, at $1100.

The G-5000: A Top of the Line Garlando Foosball Table

This popular Garlando foosball table offers the same great game play with a sophisticated flair. The cabinet is an elegant multilayered plywood sheathed in plastic laminate, with lacquered beech wood legs. The legs, unlike the G-500, slant, providing a great new look. There are wood-inlaid plastic handles for a superior grip, leg levelers, and non-reflective sanded glass. The players are brown and ivory, a great look for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Telescopic bars are available for younger players. As with the G-500, the G-5000 has steel components for unsurpassed durability. This model can be found on Amazon for about $1200. Check out the award winning Garlando G-5000 Soccer Table here. Add the three-year warranty, the extreme durability, the versatility, and the superior Italian craftsmanship to the mix, and you have two of the best freeplay foosball tables in the world.