Updated: December 2017

Giro Helmet Reviews:

Why Giro is A Top Choice for Protective Sports Gear? - Giro is a company that makes high performance protective gear and sports accessories. They are based in Scotts Valley, California. Bike racer Jim Gentes founded the company in 1985 and created the first lightweight cycling helmet. He had friends at NASA who helped him fine tune the helmet shape and vent placement. The end result was a helmet half the weight of normal offerings. Among Giro's stylish high tech products are sunglasses, snowboard helmets, sunglasses, gloves and cycling helmets. Where snow helmets and bike helmets once may have looked lame, Giro has taken them to the next level of coolness. In this guide we will check out the best-selling Giro helmets, and find out how they keep you safe, no matter what your sport. You can browse the most popular Giro helmets here.
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The Most Popular Giro Bike Helmets - Giro cycling helmets range in price from around $30 to $120, depending on how advanced of a model you choose. Currently, the most advanced Giro bike helmet is the Ionos. The Ionos has massive vents and internal channels that create wind tunnel ventilation. It comes in a very sleek matte black with gold checkers. One of the most popular bike helmets is Giro Indicator Sport Bike Helmet which can be found on Amazon for only about $30. This is a great bike helmet for casual use. It has twenty built-in vents that thrust cool air around the biker's head. It also has a slick modern design. Of the reviewers we saw, people were emphatic that they love this helmet. One review noted that the Giro Indicator prevented them from injury in a recent accident. People feel this bike helmet is a great value considering what you get. We did find a few complaints that the straps do in fact twist and lay at an irritating angle against your face. The editors of Mountain Bike Rider say the Giro Indicator is "hard to beat and a great helmet for the first timer." It also received 4.5 out of five stars from BikeRadar.com. You can watch a short commercial about some of what the gyro bike helmets have to offer HERE.

Best Giro Bike Helmet:

If money is no object and you can spend more than $100 for your Giro bike helmet, you can opt for the model that cycling star Lance Armstrong uses. That would be the Giro Pneumo which sells for between $104-$120 on Amazon. This is one of Giro's most advanced models. It has "in-mold technology that fuses a tough outer microshell to the helmet's EPS foam liner." It also weighs only 290 grams. Of the reviews that we saw on Amazon for the Giro Pneumo, people were thrilled at how it felt and looked. You can see what the Pneumo helmet looks like and hear about some of its features in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzV3I772XWw. One reviewer on Amazon even commented, "This helmet makes me look like some cool Japanese animation cyber robot hero." People remarked that the Pneumo definitely had more ventilation that some of the other Giro models that they had tried. MountainZone recommends the E2 which sells for about $110. MountainZone stated that one of the features that makes the Giro E2 Bike Helmet so remarkable was the new Roc Loc 4. This feature keeps the helmet secure, especially on bumps. MountainZone states, Giro E2 "has solved the side strap problem by embedding them right into the foam shell, while retaining all of their adjustability. Most good helmets use a retention system, but Giro's has always been one of the best."

Best Giro Snow Helmets :

While years ago, not all snowboarders wore helmets, today it is becoming more and more common. After all, snowboarders do a lot of falling and also have to be aware of the other people on the slopes who may be whizzing by at a million miles an hour. Whether you are a novice or an expert, a snow helmet is a good idea. Of the Giro Snow Helmets, the one that seems to be the most highly recommended is the Giro Omen helmet. According to BeSportier.com, this is the most technically advanced snow helmet Giro has ever made. The Giro Omen has a 14-vent ventilation system, which does wonder for heat and air flow. It also has a dual thermostat that lets you control the amount of air that gets into the helmet. The Giro Omen Snow Helmet Ranges between $150 and $370 depending on size and color. Travelgear's blog recently did an article on the Best Ski and Snowboard Helmets. Of course, a few of their picks were from Giro including the Giro Encore. They also selected the Giro Seam, which is about $150. Reviewers of the Giro Seam say that they were impressed at how cool and lightweight the helmet is. One reviewer said that she was assisted in a crash as the helmet worked perfectly to protect her. Browse the top rated Giro snow helmets here.