Updated: December 2017

Golf Grip Reviews:

When I first started playing golf some 20 years ago I didn't know a thing about golf clubs, putters, or even how to hold the darn club. One of the first mistakes I made was accepting a hand me down set of clubs that lacked quality grips. I thought that my swing was causing all my problems when I first started and it turns out the grips were worn out and my hands were slipping from the clubs (I also didn't use a golf glove which didn't help either). One of my friends brought this to my attention after about 5 terrible rounds of golf so I decided to spend the $50 and get the clubs regripped. Almost instantly the clubs felt more secure and stable in my hands and my swing was less erratic since the club face was solid through contact and not sliding all over the place like before. Many amateurs don't even know what the grips should feel like, so the first thing we recommend of anyone is to make sure the grip size is right and that the grips are relatively new. Is one golf grip better than another? That's really up to the individual player to decide much like the style of irons you use or the brand of driver. It comes down to 'feel' and comfort.
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Another important thing to consider is that there are golf grips for your clubs and then there are grips for your putter. I have seen some pretty interesting looking putter grips lately on the course. One of my playing partners has a very fat grip that is probably double the normal diameter of a putter grip but he likes the thicker feel to it. As we said earlier, feel is the key to things like putting and making your grip just right is the right start. The top brand names for golf grips are Lamkin, Ping, Royal, Winn, and C-Thru. If you watch golf you have probably seen John Daly and Natalie Gulbis promoting Winn grips along with Butch Harmon. Tiger Woods uses the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips. In terms of user reviews or comparisons between grips, we found one website that features the best head to head ratings at http://golftestusa.com/page/golf-grips/club-grips. They reviewed the major brands (in 2012) and from what we could see the results have stood up over time pretty well. They rated the grips on quality, appearance, durability, comfort, feel, and overall score. The Golf Pride brand took top billing but the Winn Harmony grips were top rated as well. Most golf pro shops can fit you properly for grips within a few minutes. You need to decide if you prefer the ribbed grips or rounded grips. Ribbed grips have a ridge that runs the length of the grip and round grips have no ridge on them. Corded grips are very popular and the cloth cords actually keep moisture from gathering on the surface and are best in wet weather or for those that have sweaty hands. They may be harder on your golf or bare hand, but they provide excellent 'gripping' ability. Some DIY types will like the fact they can regrip their clubs by themselves with golf grip kits. We will go into those products down below.

Best Golf Grips:

Which grips are the best? If you go by the best player in the world, then it would be the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord which cost about $7/each. The trademark of the Golf Pride grips is that they give you a "firm, comfortable grip that provides consistent performance and playability". The core size comes in 60 ribbed, 58 ribbed, 60 round, and 58 round. The Winn 5DSi is very affordable at around $5/grip. The "Dura-Soft Integration (DSi) grip" comes in a variety of colors to fit your style. GolfSmith is a national chain that carries a good selection of golf grips or you can order them online at Golfgrips.com and take them down to your golf shop to get your clubs regripped.

How often should you regrip your golf clubs? What does it Cost?:

Regripping your clubs should be a part of your yearly routine with club maintenance if you play regularly. Some people regrip twice a year, but for the average golfer once a year should be fine. Keep your grips in good shape by protecting your clubs when not using them. Don't leave them outside or in the rain, store them in a safe, dry spot. Grips run about $5 to $8 each so you are looking at 12-14 clubs X $7 (roughly), so a total of $100 probably to get clubs regripped at a pro shop. Some clubs that you use less often, say your 3 iron, may not need to be regripped as often as your drive or putter. I would say the driver and putter are probably the most important 2 clubs along with your pitching wedge that need to have good grips for your game to be consistent. Check with your local pro shop on the wear of your grips and get their advice. They can help you pick a golf grip and fit you within a few minutes.

DIY Golf Grip Kits:

Golf Pride offers some "at home" grip kits that allows you to regrip your golf clubs yourself. One of the top selling kits is the Golf Pride DD2 - Midsize Kit which sells for about $80. You get "15 double-sided 2"x9" tape strips, 4oz bottle of solvent, rubber vise clamp to protect shaft during installation and illustrated instructions". Each kit can be customized so that it includes the exact number of grips that you need. A friend of mine recently regripped his own clubs with one of these kits and he said it took much longer than he had originally thought. He is a very handy type of guy and said he would probably take his clubs to the pro shop next time to get it done. You can find a variety of golf grip kits online at Golfgrips.com.