Updated: December 2017

Golf Pull Cart Reviews:

When you go to play golf do you always ride in a golf cart? If you do, you should consider using a golf pull or push cart as a great way to get some exercise walking the course. You can rent the pull carts at the golf course for about $3-$7 per round of golf which can get expensive. I bought a Bag Boy pull cart about 4 years ago and have never looked back. I always enjoyed walking golf courses, but carrying my own bag was tiring by the end of the round so now I use a convenient golf pull cart. The cart carries my golf clubs and I get to walk the course without getting worn out along the way. Some of the more modern golf push carts and electric push carts are easier to use than the traditional golf pull carts, but they will cost more. Electric golf push carts are over $1000 and push carts are more reasonable at $150 or so. The pull carts are the cheapest at $50-$75. Which type of golf cart is the best - pull, push, electric?

I use the Bag Boy push cart and it is easy to setup and breakdown and pulls quite easily. It has a storage holder near the top handle for golf balls, a scorecard and a pencil. The pull handle can be adjusted up or down to different angles based on your height so it's easy to pull. Pull carts tend to have 2 wheels while the newer push golf carts have 3 wheels and you push them ahead of you instead of pulling them behind you as with the pull golf carts. A push cart moves easier than a pull cart and you can maneuver it rather simply. The wheels on a push cart can usually be inflated (like a bicycle tire) and they run more smoothly than the plastic wheels found on pull carts (I can attest to that). You will also find braking systems on push carts so you can slow them down on hills and keep them from running away on you. Electric push carts are just a step up from regular golf push carts, except they are self-propelled by electricity. Any effort you may have put out to push or pull a golf cart is now automated and all your energy can be spent playing golf. Electric hand carts can go up or down hills and they tend to run on rechargeable batteries. If you have enough money there are even remote control electric carts on the market. All the carts are foldable to a point and many fit into your trunk. They fold and collapse in key areas which makes storage simple. As for durability, the push carts and electric push carts certainly look like they are stronger, but my Bag Boy has had no problems with almost 200 rounds of golf under its belt. The basic structure of a pull cart is definitely not as durable as the higher end push carts. The wheels seem to be the first part of pull carts that eventually become loose and off-line so it gets harder and harder to pull the cart (especially on uneven surfaces). As for accessories, look for a pull/push golf cart that has a place to store a drink. That's the biggest complaint I have with the $50 Bag Boy I bought is that I have no where to hold a drink. You also want a golf pull/push cart that is easy to adjust and light enough to pick up so you can put it into your trunk or car. The top brands are Bag Boy, Lectronic Kaddy, Sun Mountain, and Mitsushiba. We went online to read consumer reviews on pull carts and electric golf push carts at Golfpushcarts.com, About.com, and in golfing forums. There have been several reviews for push carts done in golf magazines that were helpful as well, but not as informative as comments from actual owners. See our results of the "best pull and push golf carts" down below.You can browse the most popular golf pull carts online here.

Best Golf Pull Cart:

Bag Boy is the #1 rated name in golf pull carts and you can find them at stores like Target, Sports Authority, Dicks Sporting Goods and most other golf and sporting apparel shops. Golf pull carts are the least expensive option and you can find on sale in the off season for around $50-$60. I was able to buy mine at a local G.I. Joes (now Joes) outdoors store at Christmas time for $50. Bag Boy offers the LT-440 Pull Cart for $90 - features include the ergonomic handle, lightweight frame, and it's compact for convenient storage options. I own the M-330 Pull Cart ($60 retail) that comes with an adjustable handle, removable wheels and a foldable frame so you can easily fit it in your trunk or rear seat of your car. You can find all the Bag Boy products online at Bagboycompany.com. Check out all the Bag Boy golf push and pull carts online here.

Electric Golf Pull Cart:

Ok, these carts are the luxury golf pull carts that have a motor propel them down fairways, on the cart path and in the dirt. The high end electric pull carts are the Lectronic Kaddy Dynasteer, Bag Boy Navigator, and the Sun Mountain Speed E Cart. The Navigator comes with a remote control, cruise control and a generous size holder for you clubs. At $1699 the Bag Boy Navigator is the most expensive of the 3 and certainly has all that you would want in an electric golf pull cart. You get an on-board compass, liquid/bottle holder, an umbrella holder, and a sand/seed bottle. This is the Rolls Royce of electric pull carts and some say it's not worth all the money compared to the cheaper Sun Mountain cart. Online reviewers state the Sun Mountain Speed E Cart ($699.99) is the "best value electric cart" on the market. It's dependable, well built, and has 15 and 30 yard buttons that keep the cart moving in the right direction without wasting time. Braking system is more than adequate say consumers and the battery will keep you charged for 18 holes (at least). The one drawback to the Speed E Cart is that it lacks the power on steeper hills that perhaps the Navigator or Dynasteer could offer. Those carts, however, had problems with steering on hills, so I guess there is no perfect product on the market yet. The Lectronic Kaddy Dynasteer ($1260) claims to be the #1 selling electric golf cart in the world. All the features are there - remote control (150 yard range), adjustable speed control, quality braking, heavy-duty wheels and a 2 year warranty. Consumers say the Lectronic Kaddy is generally a good buy, but for the money the Sun Mountain electric cart is a "better value". For more information on the Sun Mountain Speed E Cart, go to their website at Sunmountain.com.

Golf Push Cart:

Instead of pulling your golf clubs across 18 holes of fairways and hills, consider pushing them in a quality golf push cart like the Bag Boy Avenger or the Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1. Both of those carts the best selling in this category and get the best reviews. The Avenger from Bag Boy is slightly cheaper at $159.99 and offers a "space saving design". Owners say the built in beverage holder fits most bottles and cups. The multi position adjustable handle will fit players of all heights and the rust proof aluminum wheels provide a smooth drive down the fairways. Owners say the push cart folds down nice and compact and stores easily in a car. Users say the braking could be a little better and the color selection could be improved, but overall the Bag Boy Avenger does the job. As for the Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1 ($189.99), it gets excellent feedback from owners who say they "wouldn't buy anything that wasn't a Sun Mountain". This well made push cart has no assembly required and features a new umbrella mount. There are bag brackets that will adjust to fit any bag and the console with drink holder is a nice feature not offered on all carts. Handle bar is easy to maneuver and steer around the course and it's pretty much maintenance free. The one complaint against the Speed Cart V1 is that the tires need constant inflating which is a hassle. Multiple owners mentioned in reviews that the tires don't hold air very well and the pump that comes with the cart is not that great. We say go with the more reputable brand and get the Bag Boy Avenger. Bag Boy also offers other push carts like the EZ FOLD LX, Express 180, Express 120, SC-545, C-550 and the EZ Fold 12. RECOMMENDED - The latest Clicgear Model 3.5+ Golf Cart is the brand and model we suggest. The Clicgear golf cart is the most compact in the industry folding up to 24" x 15" x 13". The airless tires are maintenance free and the Positive Lock Brake System keep it in place when you need it. You get a beverage holder, an easy to open design, and a lightweight golf push cart. See all the golf push carts here.