Updated: December 2017

Golf Tee Reviews:

Golf tees are the cheapest part of playing golf since they only cost about $5 for a pack of 50 or so. With all the other advancements in golf equipment, you would think that golf tees would eventually move from wooden or plastic ones to something more durable. My wish has finally come true with new Epoch-3 and Zero Friction golf tees. I am a 14 handicap and play about once a week for the last 4 years but I don't usually try different golf tees, I just hit with the traditional wooden tees like almost everyone else. I was recently playing a round of golf in California with some friends and I was introduced to the Epoch golf tees from Evolve Golf. They are very similar to other tees except that the top portion where the ball sits is a little different. Epoch tees have 4 prongs that essentially elevate the ball above the center of the tee so there is air beneath the ball. These newer designs are meant to create less friction at impact and give you further distance off the tee with more accuracy. I have played about 6 rounds since acquiring the epoch tees and have seen some decent results.
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The newest golf tees are the Zero Friction Tees from Excel Golf which appear to one up the Epoch-3 tees. Their claim is that you consistently get 5 yards more distance off the tee and 7 yards more accurate so you hit more fairways. We found an excellent review for these tees on Thesandtrap.com and there tests (not scientific) didn't support the extra distance or accuracy numbers. They did report more distance, but the accuracy was just slightly better with the Zero Friction Tees versus wooden tees. The one thing I really like about the biodegradable golf tees from Epoch and Zero Friction is that they simply don't break very often. I was always going through a new tee every hole or 2 with the traditional wooden tees, they simply snap in half or the top head of the tee comes off. I constantly ask my friends - "Why can't they make a tee that doesn't break or that will at least last a round of golf". My friends remark that it's almost like tire manufacturers for cars - if they made tires that last forever they would go out of business. I see there point and certainly wonder how the makers of wooden tees will stay in business once more people switch to the Epoch-3 or Zero Friction tees that rarely break. When it comes to buying tees, there isn't a lot you need to know. Most tees come in multiple sizes so you can hit irons on shorter par 3's, 2 3/4 - 3/14" for drivers and some are even taller for the 460CC drivers. Many packages of golf tees come with a variety of sizes to fit your needs while others are specific to a particular size. When you are on the tee box of any golf course you realize how many broken wooden tees there and realize what a waste that is. The new biodegradable tees are not only more durable (less broken tees on tee boxes) but they will degrade much faster than other tees. Environmentally speaking, this is good for golf courses so that they don't become littered with broken tees. One other option for golf tees are the less traditional Brush-T which is made with synthetic bristles that are supposed to reduce sidespin and resistance. The Brush T's are expensive at nearly $8 for just 2, but they will last quite a while. I have used the Brush T and to me it didn't feel as natural as conventional shaped golf tees. I didn't get a "clean" hitting sensation while striking the ball with irons. No matter how you look at it, golf tees are becoming more durable and providing more performance for all types of golfers. You may end up spending only $5 for tees that last 2 or 3 years and be able to save money for things like golf balls and clubs. You can buy golf tees in almost any pro shop at golf courses and in national chains like Golfsmith. If you want to read what others have to say about the newest golf tees and see what the experts think see the two best articles we could find online both HERE and HERE.

Wooden Golf Tees:

Stingertees.com are perhaps the most popular of wooden golf tees. Jason Zuback, the long drive champion endorses these tees, so we know they can hold up to some of the biggest hitters in the world. They come in perhaps the most sizes of any tee we found - 2 1/4, 2 3/4, 3 1/4, 4", and 3 inch. If you visit their website you can see pictures of their products, testomonials, and testing data they have on graphs and charts. You can search in golf forums around the Internet such as Thesandtrap.com and shottalk.com and you will hear many golfers mention the Stinger Tees as their preference. You can pick up an 80 pack of the 2 3/4 Pro tees for about $5.

Epoch-3 Golf Tees:

Evolvegolf.com is the maker of the Epoch-3 golf tees and they sell for roughly $5 for 25 tees. The technology behind these tees is the ability to control the backspin and sidespin. The 100% biodegradable tees are made with biocomposite material. I have switched to these tees simple because they don't break very often so you can use the same tee for an entire round of golf. Also, as the manufacturer claims, you get increased carry on your drives and more fairways hit. I have found a slight increase in yardage and I feel like my miss of going right on a power fade is less than before. Hitting just a few more fairways in a round can make the difference between a few shots when you add up the score. I'm glad I was introduced to these tees as I am not one that looks for new technology very often when it comes to golf equipment. The tees come in 2 sizes so you can hit driver and short irons on par 3's. The manufacturer claims "the epoch zero interference post eliminates contact with the dimples of the golf ball" so you get "faster ball launch, optimal spin rates, and consistent launch angles at impact". Give them a try and see what you think. Guaranteed you will spend less on golf tees each year if you use these.

Zero Friction Golf Tee:

Zerofrictiontees.com are somewhat of a new concept in golf. The idea behind them is to reduce the friction between the golf tee and the golf ball. They have succeeded at that and the results, both independent and from them, show that the tees are able to increase your performance. The Epoch-3 tees above have 4 prongs at the top but the Zero Friction tees only have 3 prongs meaning the ball comes in less contact with the tees at impact. You can get the tees in both 2 3/4 and 3 1/4 inch sizes, so those with oversized drivers will have no problem using them. They cost about $5 for a 50 pack of 2 3/4" tees or you get 35 of 3 1/4 inch tees instead for the same price. They too are biodegradable and have less impact on the environment.