Updated: December 2017

Ping Pong Table Reviews:

Ping pong is probably one of the most recognized games around the world. Table tennis is easy to learn and people of all ages can enjoy it. Most ping pong tables are rather large, so you will need a good size room to play in. Another option is to purchase an outdoor table tennis table instead. Top brands of ping pong tables are Kettler, Prince, Cornilleau, Harvard, and Joola. Table tennis tables are priced from $100 to $1500. A good household ping pong table should be no more than $300. The high end tables seen in tournaments are $1500 and up. Our staff has over 70 years of experience playing the game of ping pong so we will help guide you through the process of buying a quality table. There has been an increase in table tennis tables sold over the last decade as more companies are purchasing them for their employees to enjoy some relaxation when not working. Unless you completely abuse the table (or it gets water damage), a good ping pong table should last for 10 to 15 years minimum. Most are easy to store away when not in use and some are even built to last outdoors. See our buying guide down below and choose the best table for your situation.

Best Ping Pong Table:

There may not be a "best" table since you have to consider your playing level and ability as well as your budget. Stiga has a solid reputation in the industry and their indoor tables are the top sellers on websites like Amazon.com. Tabletennisdb.com is a great source online for getting in depth reviews on top rated table tennis tables. We recommend Butterfly Ping Pong Tables for home use as they are reasonably priced and hold up well to the average user. The Butterfly Personal Rollaway (less than $500) combines a durable steel frame with a beautiful wood finish to ensure years of enjoyable play. The table folds up nicely and stores easily in a garage or storage area. The Stiga tables are slightly more durable and work great in recreation centers, sports clubs or even in office environments. Cornilleau is our choice when it comes to competition play or tournaments. They offer both indoor and outdoor quality tables with surfaces designed for spins and bounces that only the most elite players will appreciate. The Cornilleau Sport 500 and Competition 540 are two of our favorite indoor tables. You won't find any ping pong table that is manufactured to a higher scale than those done by Cornilleau. You can browse the most popular ping pong tables online here.

Indoor vs Outdoor Ping Pong Tables:

As we mentioned above, Stiga is a preferred brand when it comes to ping pong tables. Their indoor table tennis tables are top rated and very durable for all levels of play. Recently we went shopping on Amazon for an outdoor ping pong table and Stiga once again has the best customer reviews posted online. Their Stiga Equinox Outdoor Table Tennis Table is very popular. The Kettler outdoor tables are also highly ranked, although they are generally more expensive than the Stiga models. You can view all the outdoor ping pong tables here. The Stiga Equinox features an all aluminum top which means you can use it indoors, but it does just fine outdoors. The self opening steel legs are 1 3/4 inch oval and the heavy duty steel chassis provides all the stability you need when playing outdoors. If your budget can handle it, the Cornilleau Sport 250M at $1000 is an excellent buy. Owner reviews on several websites show near perfect ratings with customers that are completely satisfied with the product. Another idea is to use your indoor table outdoors, but move it back inside when the weather gets wet or moist. Don't forget, since leaving indoor tables outdoors can cause severe damage (warping most specifically) to the top surface.

Table Tennis Paddles:

Before you can play you'll need ping pong paddles. There are essentially two types - the dimpled pattern ones and the flat rubber ones. If you have never played with either type, start with the basic Stiga Classic paddles - they are forgiving and easiest to use for beginners to intermediate players. Once you develop top spin and underspin shots, consider moving on to the Stiga Supreme Table Tennis Racket ($40). It's all about personal preference and feel, so hit with both to see which one helps you the most. Some tables come with paddles, so check into that before purchasing the ping pong racquets separately.

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