Updated: December 2017

Your Guide to Razor Electric Scooters:

Razor Electric Scooters Review - Electric scooters have enjoyed a boom in popularity recently, especially as gas prices rise and the hassle of getting anywhere in a car increases. They are road legal in many places for adults, making them a great alternative for getting from here to there more cost- and energy-efficiently. There are also even more compact versions that are specifically designed for children. While you may not want to let your 10-year-old motor off to school by himself, it is certainly appropriate to let him zip up and down the driveway or block, depending on where you live. And you may very well be secure in letting your 15- or 16-year-old pop over to a nearby friend's house on a scooter (with a helmet and cell phone, and preferably within sight!). There is no more prominent name in the scooter industry than Razor. Their line of kick scooters is tremendously popular, and their increasing line of electronic ride-ons and scooters is equally impressive. When it comes to electric scooters, you can trust you are getting a top quality product with Razor. What should you look for, and which model is right for you?.
razor electric scooters

A Bit About Razor - Razor was founded in 2000 and since then has dominated the scooter field. They've won awards from TIME Magazine, Parents, Parenting, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Nick Jr., and U.S. News & World Report magazine for their outstanding scooters. Not only are Razor scooters well-designed, they are durable, sturdy, and safe. They are also fun, which is most likely what your child cares about, no matter how old he is. So let's get into it. What does Razor have to offer? The Razor E100 Electric Scooter - One of the most popular razor electric scooters is the E100. Designed for children age 8 and up, the E100 has a kid-friendly deck and frame, allowing them to handle it easily and safely. The Razor E100 Electric Scooter is kick-started. Your child has to get going up to three miles per hour (not hard to do), and then it starts. After that, the 24V sealed lead acid battery system takes over. Your child can reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour, ideal for older children. One charge provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use. After that, simply use the UL-approved battery charger, wait 12 hours for a full charge, and start all over. This is great because your child can use it during the day and plug it in at night. Other features include a quiet high-torque, chain-driven motor, twist grip acceleration control (for a super speedy, dirt bike-type feel), and a 125mm polyurethane rear wheel for smooth rides. The Razor E100 Electric Scooter earned a Parents' Choice Award. The Parents' Choice Foundation was started so parents could have a reliable source of product information and could select toys and materials that help their children grow and develop, both physically and intellectually. These toys must be stimulating, well-designed, and safe - and another criterion: fairly priced. Earning this award indicates a toy encourages active, imaginative, and safe play. The E100 does all of this and more. Amazon reviewers give it an average score of 4.5, and remark frequently about the ease of use, fun, and great battery power. It fits children and small adults up to 120 pounds (so you may be able to hop on and run to the store instead of driving). The E100 lists for $150, but you can find it on Amazon for cheaper.

Bigger? Need More Speed? Try the Razor E200 and E300 Electric Scooters:

The Razor E100 electric scooter is great for kids and even small adults. For those of us who either need a little more power or a little more weight capacity, the Razor E200 and E300 models are ideal. These are a bit of an upgrade from the E100 in terms of power, though they have all the great design features you expect from Razor scooters. The E200 is a fun electric scooter with the same quiet chain-driven motor you will find in the E100. Instead of cruising at 10 mph, you can accelerate up to 12 mph and get up to 45 minutes of continuous use per charge. It has a two-12V sealed lead battery system, 12-hour charge time, twist grip acceleration, 8-inch pneumatic tires for smooth rides, UL-approved battery charger, and a full-sized deck and frame for larger riders. Yet, as one Amazon reviewer noted, it is easy enough for smaller riders to maneuver as well. The E200 is designed for children (and adults too, don't worry) 13 years and older and up to 220 pounds. The 100 pounds of extra weight capacity open on the opportunity for so many more people. The E200 costs $170, a great deal if you can use it in place of your gas-guzzler once in a while, and a great deal for making your kid happy. Rarely can you get ten people to agree on something, much less a hundred. And yet hundreds of Buzzillion reviewers have consistently given the Razor E300 electric scooter positive reviews. One reviewer called it the "best electric scooter ever." So what's the E300 got? Like the E200, the E300 electric scooter is designed for those over age 13 and those weighing up to 220 pounds. It has an extra-large deck for larger riders, a high-torque, single speed chain-driven motor that reaches up to 15 mph, big, wide 10-inch pneumatic tires for smooth rides, twist grip acceleration for that sporty feel, a 24V sealed lead acid battery system, and UL-approved charger. With Razor's distinctive sleek and stylish design, the Razor E300 Electric Scooter appeals to older riders, and many adults even use it for short commutes. Reviewers consistently comment on the sturdy, durable design and reliability of this electric scooter. It costs from $200 - $300. In addition to the electronic E series, Razor also has a fun line of electric ride-on toys, like the popular Pocket Rocket and the Dirt Rocket series. Starting at around $200, these offer the same great Razor quality with a more dirt bike style and feel. Browse through all of Razor's select models here. Whether you go with a classic Kick Scooter or a fun electric scooter, you are getting the best ride.