Updated: December 2017

Ski Helmet Reviews:

Although many professional Alpine skiers have worn helmets for years on their downhill runs, most amateurs on the slopes have stayed away from the ultimate safety device available. It's rare you hear of anyone dying on the slopes except those that hit trees and end up with severe head trauma. Almost all deaths on ski slopes could be avoided if people would just wear a ski helmet. Recent controversy has arisen from some groups who want to make it mandatory that all skiers or snowboarders wear a helmet when going down the mountain. Unfortunately not enough people have died yet and until we see more deaths from skiing or snowboarding accidents, I don't think helmets will be required. How about all those that do want to wear a ski helmet. Where do you buy them? What size do you wear? How much are they? These are all excellent questions that will be answered in the next section.
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The majority of wintersports helmets can be used for both snowboarding and skiing. Some are better or skiing while others focus on snowboarding, use your best judgement and ask the salesperson as well. Skiers tend to like ventilated helmets (especially if they are full face) and snowboarders often go with non-ventilated open face helmets. A ski helmet should have many of the same safety features that a motorcycle helmet has - like a polycarbonite shell for strength and a double-density polystyrene interior that is comfortable and protective. When it comes to full-face or open-face helmets, you will probably only see the full-face helmet in competition skiing or snowboarding events. Recreational users go with the open-face helmets and they are still effective at protecting your head. With open face helmets, you will need to decide if you plan on using using a visor or goggles. Most people choose to go with goggles since then you have eye protection even if you are not wearing your helmet. How do you get fitted for the right size? Take a tape measure and wrap it around your head to figure out the correct helmet size. The measuring tape should be placed just above your eyebrows to get an accurate measurement. When you put on the helmet, make sure the front rim is above your eyebrows and check for gaps. You want a snug fit that is comfortable. Lastly, if you will be wearing goggles over the helmet, put them on in the shop to verify they will fit ok. The top brands for ski and snowboarding helmets are Giro, Boeri, Carrera, Smith, K2, UVEX, Leedom, Marker, Salomon, Rossignol, and Pro-Tec. They range in price from $60 to $230. We found the best reviews online at Skihelmets.com with dozens of consumers reviews that rate the top brands and they also offer "expert" reviews all listd by model and year. Altrec.com has a great selection of ski helmets with users reviews as well. e have tried to weed through the various consumer rankings for helmets and put together our "best choice" awards below. You can browse their up-to-date list of best-selling ski and snowboard helmets here - we'll have links below to the recommended helmets as well.

Best Ski Helmet:

The most popular helmet is the (RECOMMENDED) Giro Fuse Snow Helmet ($80-150) that rates high in fit, comfort, style, and features. It's a short shell helmet type with a compact shape and a wide-angle cut. The peripheral vision and gapless goggle fit make this ski helmet a popular choice amongst skiers or snowboarders. Other features include EPS liners (absorbs more impact energy than any other liner), removable earpads, thermostat ventilation controls, and in-mold construction. Skiers prefer this model for it's lightweight fit and stylish looks. Giro also offers a G10 and a Nine model that rate high as well. For a variety of colors and styles, browse the entire Giro helmet line here.

Top Snowboarding Helmet:

Snowboarders tend to try more "hot dog" tricks on half pipes with serious air. The best snowboarding helmet for under $100 is the Pro-tec's Ace Spade Fullface Snow Helmet ($80). The full face protection helps on those harder falls that many snowboarders "take on the chin". Parents also appreciate the removable liner that is washable so the helmet won't stink. The 19 vents rotate the warm air out and allow cooler air to flow in. The Ace Spade has a unique built-in rebound control which allows it to return to it's original shape even after a hard wipeout. The Giro Mad Max S Helmets ($135) are newer and provide a flashy look without giving up any safety. It's been called the perfect helmet for "Big Mountain Boarding".

Womens Ski Helmet:

The Boeri V.I.P. Ski Helmet ($190) is designed for women and is a short shell. Ladies don't have to sacrifice style on this model. The polycarbonate outer shell is lined with a cushioned plush interior. The removable ear pads and ventilation system are just 2 features that women appreciate. Close the vents on cold days or open them up on sunnier days. The Boeir ski helmet comes with fleec chinstrap cover, Swarovski Crystal Inlays, and a velvet carrying bag. We read many reviews of younger snowboarders and older skiers that just "love" the helmet and feel it provides excellent safety while keeping the fashion in ski wear. Boeri is an Italian designer of ski helmets and they are always coming out with new and innovative designs. The Giro Sestriere, Fuse, and Talon models are also popular with women ($35 to $100) -- browse the entire lineup of best-selling women's helmets here.

Best Kids/Youth Ski Helmet:

Even if you don't wear a helmet, please put your child in a ski helmet out on the ski slopes so they can stay safe. We hear all too often where another skier or snowboarder slams into a little kid that they just couldn't see. Kids don't have far to fall when they crash but it's when they get hit from behind by wayward skiers or boarders that does the damage. Boeri has the Podium helmet for boys that is fully padded and extremely warm. All safety requirements are met with this model and your kids will like the hand painted graphics. The Boeri Podium sells for under $100 and is a good buy. For girls, the Boeri Stinger-Sassy ($55) is a great choice. The helmet works well for skiing, snowboarding, or sledding. The helmet weighs only 10 oz and the stylish pink coloring will attract any girl to it. We found both these helmets for sale online at Winterkids.com.

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