Updated: December 2017

Best Stiga Table Tennis Tables

Buying a Stiga Ping Pong Table - What You Need To Know
Those who think that table tennis (AKA ping pong) is just a slow-paced way to pass time may be surprised that it is an Olympic sport. But those who have played or watched great players step up to the table know that it is just as competitive as any sport, and it can be demanding, exhilarating, and rewarding. And yes, it is a good way to pass time, too! No company exemplifies the excitement of table tennis as well as Stiga. This internationally renowned company has been leading the table tennis industry since its founding sixty years ago. Each advance and innovation is carefully considered and designed to improve performance. No one knows table tennis like Stiga.

There are over 40 million competitive table tennis players around the globe, making it one of the most popular sports games in the world. The first games were played in the nineteenth century using a row of books as a "net" and two books as paddles for the golf ball. The after-dinner entertainment for Europe's upper crust evolved into a tremendously popular game. Equipment began to be manufactured commercially so you could leave your books for reading. The first paddles were made of a thin parchment paper stretched over a frame. From there, paddles grew more sophisticated, celluloid balls were used instead of golf balls; rules were changed and changed again; and the game saw life as a viable television spectator sport. Today, the game is beloved around the world - and China seems to love it the most. They have had more champions than any other country. Besides the Olympic Games, there are other high-stakes international competition, such as the World Cup, World Championship, and the ITTF Pro Tour. But it is still loved in basements and rec rooms across the world for friendly games as well. And the name, Ping-Pong? The first rackets created the sound, "Wiff Waff," which is what the game was called originally. To different ears, the ball apparently said, "Ping-Pong," and a sport was born. This guide will focus on the top ping pong tables made by Stiga.

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Stiga Table Tennis: Why Get a Stiga Ping Pong Table?

Table tennis is an international sport: Stiga is a global business with partnerships in over 100 countries. Stiga has long been known for their innovative and top-quality blades, or ping pong paddles. They are made with the best raw materials and superior craftsmanship. The company focuses on research and development, providing new and "unsurpassed" products. To do this better, they get input from the world's top players and coaches, as well as the Swedish National Table Tennis Team, one of the world's best. All of this so you can have the best blades, nets, tables, balls, apparel, and other equipment in the world.

You can find a generic tennis table at a box store for under $300. A Stiga model, such as the STS275, sells for about $800. Why pay the extra for Stiga? The difference is in the quality that you will get. The STS275 has a -inch blue top that is tournament quality, self-opening legs, a two-inch steel support apron, stylized corner pads, fold-up storage, half fold-up for individual practice, and the innovative five-inch silver mag ball-bearing casters. This table isn't designed for a lazy game of Wiff Waff, it is made for some heavy-duty table tennis action. For one-on-one, group, or individual play, you cannot get a better table - or one that looks better. The STS275 is sleek, sophisticated, and professional. If you have a love of the game and want to share that with your friends and family, there is no better way to do it than with a Stiga tennis table. If $800 seems a bit steep, don't worry. Go to Amazon and find the same top-quality STS275 for $600 (and free shipping, see link above). Still more than a generic table, but you will not have to worry about replacing it or having it perform any less than perfectly. (best-selling Stiga table tennis tables here)

A Stiga Table Tennis Racket: Playing with Perfection

Stiga Ping-Pong rackets are more in line with those from other top manufacturers, like Killerspin and Butterfly. One of the least expensive rackets is the T0020 Tempest. This blade has an inverted surface, black and red rubber, and a concave handle for comfort. The sponge is 2.0mm, and the blade is 5-ply. This great racket can be found for less than $10 on Amazon. You can get great speed and control without breaking the bank. A step up is the Stiga T6936 Ultra. This has a regulation inverted surface, Stiga doer rubber, an anatomic, hollow handle, 2mm sponge, and 5-ply carbon. It offers great spin and control for under $50. If you're looking for top of the line, look no further than the T0070 Ultimate. This is for the serious player who wants serious spin. A regulation inverted surface, concave Italian handle with power balance, 2mm sponge, 5-ply carbon, and Stiga tournament-quality rubber. It also has the serious price of $125.

Stiga Table Tennis Sets Not Just for Tennis Anymore

No one knows table tennis like Stiga - but they also have a mean slapshot. Stiga's Stanley Cup table hockey game provides all the fun of more expensive tables at a price that is far more comfortable for families. For $89 - $122, you can get a top-quality game that features team colors, authentic logos, and superbly crafted 3D players from your favorite teams. The rods are easy to maneuver and there are plexi-shield protectors behind the net. Each goal has puck ejectors, and each goalie moves from side to side. There are two right-grip marksman, a left forward, and a center forward, each with different movements. The Stanley Cup table comes with either the Bruins and the Rangers or the Mapleleafs and the Red Wings. If these aren't your favorite teams, Stiga also makes players from 28 other NHL teams, including the Penguins, Sharks, Flyers, Devils, Mighty Ducks, and more.

Table tennis is such a popular game because it is impossible not to get caught up in the excitement. When you're looking to go beyond basic, Stiga provides professional quality equipment that will only increase your enjoyment of the game.