Updated: December 2017

Tennis Racquet Reviews:

After playing competitive tennis for years and traveling on the ATP tour with friends, I have seen 1000's of tennis racquets used by all levels of players. This is a buying guide to help novices up to intermediate players decide on what type of tennis racquet is best for them. A beginner usually needs a more powerful racquet to generate stronger ground strokes so having a large head size, middle of its string tension range, and a stiffer racquet should help. Most racquets come in 3 different head sizes - midsize is 85-95 square inches, midplus is 95-105 square inches, and oversize is greater than 105 square inches. An athletic person should choose a mid-plus, while a beginner who does not consider themselves athletic should go with an oversize frame up to 115 square inches. Very few professional tennis players use oversize racquets because they are athletic enough and swing hard enough to generate all the power they need with a mid-plus or midsize frame.

How to choose a tennis racquet?

- Back to the stiffness of the racquet, if the racquet is too stiff, more shock will be transmitted to your arm and you then have the chance to develop "tennis elbow". "Tennis Elbow" is a dreaded injury that affects the arm of a tennis player and can cause sudden waves of pain near the elbow area. I developed it a long time ago and wore a protective arm band to help keep the shock of the racquet to a minimum. Many people end up having to take months off from the game if the injury doesn't heel. When you buy a new racquet (many lower priced models come pre-strung) you will need to make sure the grip size is right for your hand, the string tension is within a good range for your playing ability and that the head size fits your level of play. More often than not, tennis shops will have a demo program where you can use the tennis racquet for a week or so to determine if you like the feel of it. I highly recommend doing this and test out several to see which string tension feels good and which head size gives you the maximum power and control. Remember, in tennis, control is much more important than power. I've seen too many youngsters and beginners/intermediate players try to hit the ball so hard that almost every shot is out of the court which does them no good. Start slow and work on accuracy before power. One last word on weight of the racquet - todays tennis racquets are mostly made of titanium which is extremely light, I say go with one that is made of graphite/kevlar mix that has a little weight to it. You will probably see better control and you will most definitely develop a more solid game as you move along the skill spectrum. You can browse the most popular tennis racquets online here.

Best Tennis Racquets:

The 3 big racquets you'll see on both the mens and ladies tennis tours are made by Wilson, Babolat, and Head. Sure Prince still shows up here and there, but they just can't compete these days. Rafael Nadal uses the Babolat tennis racquets and therefore they are quite popular amongst the juniors and adults playing tennis. The AeroPro Drive and Pure Storm are the 2 most popular models available. Head features the YouTek models and many are priced over $100 You can check out Head racquets here. Lastly, Wilson is surviving quite well as Pete Sampras and Roger Federer have carried that name for decades now. Roger is near the end of his career but still showcases the Wilson racquets proudly. We advise all consumers to browse the top rated tennis racquets online here.