Updated: December 2017

Guide to Finding the Best Topeak Racks, Bags, and More:

We spend too much time thinking and not enough time losing ourselves in what we are doing. This is why biking quickly becomes a passion in many people: when they're racing, trying new mountain trails, touring idyllic country roads, they are not thinking about work or meetings or the messy house or the bills. They are thinking about their cadence, their pace, the trail, the burning in their legs, and the thrill of the ride. This break from thinking (or a break from thinking about life's stresses anyway) is so beneficial and therapeutic - it gives us the energy to get through until our next ride. Having the right gear is not about being the most trendy, the best looking (though you can't help it if you are); it is about being able to get out on the road or trail, and stay on. And be ready for your next ride. Topeak is a top manufacturer of bike gear in the country and has a full line of products that will increase your enjoyment of cycling and bring more convenience to your passion.

Who is Topeak? - Topeak is a company full of cyclists. It only makes sense. Their goal since opening in 1991 is to develop products that make your ride better. They do this by knowing what the cyclist wants and creating products to meet those needs. Topeak's website says, "Innovation may be our forte, but riding is our life." If riding is your life, all you need is a bike and Topeak. What does Topeak have to offer? The Right Topeak Products for You - What does Topeak have to offer to the cyclist? Everything. Except bikes. For that, you have to go elsewhere, but for all of your other gear needs, Topeak is the place to go. They have a wide variety of products from bags and bike tents to child carriers and lights and tools. They have products that are designed for mountain, road, touring, and commuting bikers so you are sure to find what you need. Here is a look at some of their top products.

Topeak MTX Trunk Bag EXP Bicycle Trunk Bag - For cyclists who need to carry a few supplies with them, particularly commuters, the Topeak MTX TrunkBag EXP is ideal. This bag has a durable design that will keep your items secure. It keeps its shape with the rigid foam walls, but also has cushioning on the inside; many commuters will find this extremely useful for carrying their lunch (the foam acts as a good insulator, too), as well as other belongings. Topeak products are typically designed to be compatible with each other, and the TrunkBag has a built-in track that works with Topeak's QuickTrack system. You don't have to worry about securing it with a bungee or rope, but you do need the Topeak Rack with QuickTrack. A review by Bicycling.About noted that the built-in carrying handles and detachable shoulder strap make it almost "like a briefcase for the bike commuter." And besides lunch, you can fit other necessities in the three large pockets and expanding lid. And if you just have to use a bungee, there are convenient bungee straps that allow you to tote even more stuff. The reviewer noted that the rack, bag, and whatever you carry in it will add about 4 pounds to your bike. This is usually not as much of a concern for commuters and mountain bikers, for whom this bag is geared. If it is, you can try the EX TrunkBag, which is smaller. If you need more room, try the DX Trunk Bag. Overall, the reviewer says this bag serves him well on his commute; it is durable and well-constructed, and it impresses with its innovative design. The EXP costs $63 and receives consistently positive reviews. Check out the other MTX products, including the office bag, here..

Best Topeak Bike Racks:

Topeak bike racks are designed for the utmost ease, as you can see with the QuickTrack system. There are a variety of racks available, and again, they are designed for different biking styles. A review on RoadCycler said that the racks were "interesting" because of the different options that are available and that the design was excellent because it made use of what could be wasted space. Topeak racks score consistently positive reviews from sources like Buzzillion and Amazon. Particularly popular is the Topeak Super Tourist Rack, which one Buzzillion reviewer called the best rack he'd seen. This durable rack is designed for the long distance touring cyclist. It is constructed of lightweight hollow aluminum, has a solid fender top, RedLite mount, tail light mount, and braze-on derailleur attachments. The whole package weighs only 1.80 pounds, fits all frames, and is compatible with MTX bags. The Supertourist costs $35. There are also racks designed for mountain bikers and commuters. Browse the top rated Topeak bike racks here. They typically range in price from just over $20 to $50.

Topeak Child Carriers - Topeak Baby Seats:

Your love of cycling doesn't end when you have children; instead, it transforms into something you want to share and pass on. You can do this safely and securely with Topeak's child carriers. There is nothing more important than your child's safety when you're out on the road or trail; Topeak knows this. They take their own children out with them. One of their best child carriers is the BabySeat II with Rack. It's even sporty looking. The BabySeat is made of engineering-grade plastic for the most durable, safe construction possible. Other features include adjustable foot rests with straps, roll bar handle, 6-point harness system, suspension system, and a great BabySeat attachment that eliminates the need for tools to attach or remove the seat from your rack. It can handle children up to 48.5 pounds, and it meets or exceeds CEN, TUV, CPSC, and JIS standards. A reviewer on Bicycling.com said that this seat kept her baby safe on all sides while he was held securely by the 6-point harness. The footrests are a great feature as well because they also strap your child's feet in with Velcro. This keeps your little angel from kicking you in the butt during your ride. The reviewer also noted that her child was more engaged and interested in the ride and scenery than he was when he rode in a trailer. The BabySeat puts him up higher and into the action - but in a totally safe way. One Amazon reviewer called it "pricy but good." At $130, it may indeed be a little bit pricy, but if you love to cycle and need to engage your child and keep him interested while you ride (if only to avoid whining!), then this is a good buy. Plus, if you're using it to run to the store, you're saving gas money. Perfect! I have had one of these for the last 7 years and my 2 kids have definitely enjoyed the child seat for my bike. Comfortable to sit in, allows them to see around me and to the sides, and they've even fallen asleep back there (they are so relaxed).

Topeak Tools for Everyone:

There are tools every biker needs, whether touring, racing, off-road, or commuter. One of the most important is a good, reliable bike pump. One of Topeak's best is the JoeBlow Ace (JoeBlow is a legendary line that is the standard against which all pumps are judged). The Ace features a number of innovations that are designed to provide the utmost convenience for the biker. The unique SmartHead helps you inflate your tires to their optimal level; it senses which type of inner tube valve system you have (Presta or Schrader) and adjusts for perfect airtight fits without the need for adapters. The Ace has a 3-stage design so you reach high pressures and high volume much more quickly. Other features include anodized aluminum and rubber construction, base mount analog gauge, extra long hose, air release button, Dunlop valve adapter, and a padded handle. A reviewer for Bicycling.com said he's used it for two years "without a hiccup." It is $90. You can find less expensive pumps, like the Topeak Morph and the Topeak Morph Turbo pumps that offer excellent quality on lower budgets.

Bikers also need tools so they can repair their bikes if needed. No one wants to slow down - or worse, get stranded because they don't have the right tools. The 17-piece Survival Gear Box is a must. Cyclists have to be mechanics as well, and it's always good to be prepared for those what-ifs. The Gear Box includes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6mm Allen wrenches, T25 Torx wrench, 8, 9, and 10mm box wrenches, 14 and 15g spoke wrenches, cast cromoly steel chain tool, steel wire chain hook, two engineering-grade tire levers, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, plastic levers, and tire repair patch kit and glue. The tools are made of top quality hardened steel. The Survival Gear Box costs just over $30. A good multi-tool is also an essential. One of the most popular is the Alien II 26-Function Bicycle Tool. This beast has a 2-piece engineering-grade body with 26 hardened steel tools, including a variety of Allen and box wrenches, tire levers, screwdrivers, pedal wrench, steel wire chain hook, stainless-steel knife, chain tool, compartments, and a bottle opener. The Alien II was the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award for innovative design, and it is a handy thing to have on any type of ride. It costs about $30. No matter what you need, Topeak has it. Indulge your passion and hit the trails. Before you go, check out other great Topeak products here.