Updated: December 2017

Background on Weider Fitness Home Gym Products:

Weider makes a variety of products including Kettlebells, Free Weights, Home Gym, Weight Benches, BodyWeight Systems and Accessories like powerbells and latex bands. If you are anything like me, you hate going to the gym. Weider Fitness products are designed to help people achieve efficient workouts at home. Home gyms options include the Weider C720 System and Weider ClubBench. There is also the Weider Club 8980 W System and Weider X-Factor. Weider Bench options include the Pro 230 Bench, and Pro 250 Bench/Combo set and Club Sidekick. You can see a wide variety of Weider Fitness products here. Videos on different Weider products at Weider Fitness' YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/WeiderStrength. You very likely will instantly recognize some of these products from their popular infomercials which air quite frequently on TV.
weider gym equipment

Here is a video showing how to install the Weider X-Factor:

Weider Pro Gym Equipment

- One of the most popular pieces of Weider gym equipment is the kettlebells and powerbells. You can get these in 20 lbs or 40 lbs, With a powerbell, you can add and lock on different amounts of weights to the base apparatus. It is a handy design, which keeps fitness area clutter free. What is a kettlebell? It is an iron orb with weighted handles. Strongmen in 1700's Russia used these cannonball shaped orbs to quickly build strength, balance and flexibility. If you saw the movie 300, you may very well remember the great shape that lead actor Gerard Butler acquired for the part. Butler actually used kettlebells to prepare for his role. Ace Fitness Matters wrote about Kettlebells in a recent article called "Kettlebells: Twice the Results in Haf the Time?" ACE enlisted the help of the research experts at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse Exercise and Health Program. The team, led by John Porcari, Ph.D., and Chad Schnettler, M.S., recruited 10 volunteers in their 30s and 40s who trained with kettlebells. This study, founded by the American Council on Exercise, showed that the calorie burn was exceptionally high. Participants burned a remarkable 20.2 calories per minute. Weider SpaceSaver 40-Pound Adjustable Kettle Bell cost about $200. When we looked at reviews for the Weider Kettlebells we saw mixed feedback. Some reviewers mentioned that for the price, their Kettlebells fell apart quickly. There are Kettlebells with better customer feedback and a lower price including the Go-Fit 15 Pound Kettlebells which are less than $40.

Weider X-Factor:

Another one of the most popular products Weider Fitness sells is the Weider X-factor which is about $129. The Weider X-Factor is the total-body training system that attaches to any door. The unique design promotes explosive movements for a total-body workout. Better Innovations blog recently recommended the X-Factor. They stated the equipment was versatile and allowed the user to do many exercises. They also confirmed tha the Weider X-Factor does a great job strengthening the core. Of course, the Weider X-Factor is not going to give you the kind of results a full home gym will. However, if you only have a limited amount of money, you may want to give it a try because you will get a great workout. So how does the Weider X-Factor work? It is an X shaped device that you attach to your door. You then have dynamic resistance cords to pull, which strengthen arm muscles and tone legs. In fact, it also gives you that washboard stomach that everyone these days is so eager to have. You can watch the X-Factor in action at http://www.weiderxfactor.com/index.html. Upon reading reviews at Amazon, there do seem to be some considerations to keep in mind. Some reviewers were disappointed that they didn't have the right size door. One person pointed out that you have to have a thick door and that the X-Factor wasn't really very compatible with thin doors. There also needs to be 1/8 inch clearance between the door frame and the door. We suggest that you check out your doors before buying the X-Factor. On the other hand it might be worth just buying it and seeing if you can make it work. Those who did get the X-Factor up and running said that they had a great workout and were very happy with the pricepoint.

Weider Crossbow:

Weider Fitness designed the Weider Crossbow as an alternative to Bowflex. This piece of home gym equipment has cables, cams, pulleys and swivels. So what is the difference between the Weider Crossbow and the Bowflex? We looked at various sources to find out. According to Trainer Secrets, "The Weider Crossbow home gym claims you can perform over 65 exercises with the standard 240 pounds of resistance (the resistance can be upgraded to a full 440 pounds for an additional expense) but that's a stretch in my book." Apparently, not all of the exercises are exactly "gym quality." The Crossbow does however have some advantages to Bowflex. For example, the Crossbow comes with a leg developer. That feature is not standard on Bowflex and adds substantially onto the cost. According to Exercise Equipment's website, the Crossbow is a "cheap knockoff" of Bowflex. Incidentally, it appears in the last year the Weider Crossbow has changed its name (perhaps due to comparisons to Bowflex and the fact that the word "bow" was previously in the name) and is now called Weider Max Ultra and sells on Amazon for about $320. HomeGymReview.com offers their opinion of the Weider Crossbow and lists its pros and cons. According to this source, the Weider Max Ultra is a good lower cost alternative to Bowflex. Reviewers on Amazon also were happy with the price of this machine. However, some people complained how hard it was to assemble the Weider Max Ultra. Also a few people mentioned that the power rods break easily. Overall, however, it seems that the Weider Max Ultra is one of the better products that Weider Fitness sells.