Updated: December 2017

Wolf Creek Golf Course in Mesquite, Nevada:

I've had the opportunity to play the Wolf Creek golf course in Mesquite, Nevada twice now and I would go back in a heartbeat. Many people I talk to don't even know where Mesquite, NV is let alone know about Wolf Creek. Mesquite is the epitomy of a desert town on the border of Nevada and Arizona, but the golf in mesquite is absolutely a treat. Wolf Creek is the gem of the golf courses in this small town with it's canyon walls, lush fairways, and dramatic lakes and waterfalls. You will truly never forget your round at Wolf Creek with tee boxes that appear to be 10 stories high hitting down to wide, green fairways. The carries over canyon walls on a few holes are daunting, yet you feel empowered standing high above the course. Club selection is very important as you make your way around this dramatic course. The fairways are wide, the greens are not too fast, and the elevated tee boxes will allow you to hit drives 20 to 30 yards further than normal.

To begin with Mesquite, NV is about 90 minutes North of Las Vegas along Interstate 15. Take I-15 to exit 122 and head west on Pioneer towards the airport. It's only a few minutes from the freeway to the course. Full directions with a map are available online at Golfwolfcreek.com. The address is 403 Paradise Parkway, Mesquite, NV 89027 and the phone number is 866-252-4653. Tee times can be made by calling the phone # or booking a package deal with one of the local casinos for a Stay N Play option. The greens fees are expensive ($185 in april) and a bit cheaper in the peak summer months where the temperature gets above 110. The best time of year to come and play is probably in late fall or early spring when the mild temperatures are available. I just got back from my trip in late April and the day I played was already 100 degrees (global warming I guess). In any event, the golf course will thrill you at every corner. The one disappointing aspect of the facility is that the practice area is really quite bad. The practice putting green can fit maybe 3 people and is tiny and the driving range is limited. For a high class course, you would expect them to make some changes to the practice facility. Maybe they put all the money into maintaining the course, which has no flaws. Since the course has just dramatic elevation changes and the cart paths can be dangerous, you are forced to sign a release before teeing off on #1. Just be careful driving around some of the steeper parts and you should be fine. The carts are not GPS (which would be a nice touch), but the course is fairly well marked along the fairways so you can get a good idea on yardage. I have tried to give a description for each hole down below with tips on playing them.

Golf Course - Holes 1 to 9:

Hole #1 - As you come around the clubhouse area in your cart to the 1st tee, you will be inspired to see the beautiful landscape that surrounds this course. The elevated tee shot takes you down to a relatively flat fairway with your 2nd shot being an approach back up hill to this par 5. Long hitters may get there in 2, but we suggest a layup for an accurate 3rd shot to a narrow green that is deep. Par 5 should be a good score on this hole.
Hole #2 - Here comes the fun, this elevated tee shot (ETS) will give you a forced carry over a canyon and out to a fairway that seems miles away. Relax on the box, take out driver, and give it a whack. You can cut the corner on the left and still make it to the fairway if you can hit 250 plus. Otherwise, play to the center of the fairway and leave about 150 yards into the green. The only place not to miss on your approach is dead right with bunkers lined next to the green. The green slopes from back to front so don't go long. Par is definitely possible on this hole.
Hole #3 - This uphill par 3 plays longer than the yardage and is intimidating since you have another forced carry over a ravine. Anything short will leave a difficult uphill pitch to a small green, but if you go long and a touch left your ball will carry into the desert/brush (I did this). No one in our group scored a par.
Hole #4 - This par 4 is a little quirky, but make sure you hit an accurate shot off the tee looking only for placement. The fairway is pretty much straight ahead but narrow. The hole is quite short, so you will have a short approach if you just hit the fairway. Bunkers line the whole right side of the fairway all the way up to the green. The green is small but you can hit it and have a good chance at birdie on this hole.
Hole #5 - More tee shot fun, this ETS puts you way above the fairway that doglegs sharp left after your tee shot. The hole is a par 5 so just try to get your first shot in play. You will be forced to carry a small stream some 200+ yards off the tee with no real layup zone between you and the stream area. The next shot will up hill towards the green, most likely a layup. I was able to get to the left greenside bunker in 2 and play a sand shot out onto the green. I had a birdie at this hole and you could too with 3 good shots into the green.
Hole #6 - This par 4 can be tricky since club selection off the tee is crucial. Most hitters will layup short of the creek with a 3 wood or driver. Longer hitters may be able to carry the creek and put themselves into the green with a short iron. If you layup (good idea), you will be left with a long second shot to a green that slants back to front but is approachable. Bunkers wait for your errant shots on the left of the green. Being short on your approach is ok since a chip and putt is also a way to get a par on this one.
Hole #7 - Club selection off the box is critical once again. The fairway is only about 160 yards in front of you and then it drops out of site. Eventually your second shot will have to go across a small stream and up a hill to a small elevated green. The real question is what yardage do you want into the green and do you prefer a flat lie. If your tee shot carries too far you will be looking at a downhill lie most likely having to hit uphill towards the green. Play it safe off the tee and have a longer iron into this small green. The green has some severe slopes, especially if you are coming off the back fringe to a front pin position.
Hole #8 - This unassuming par 3 is not that easy. It was only playing 150 yards (downhill) for me and I still walked away with a double bogey. The green is surrounded by water in front, on the left and behind. There is really no place to miss. Choose your club wisely off the tee and a birdie may await.
Hole #9 - The fairway is big once you carry a lake off the tee. It's not a long hole, so you can hit driver, but may be better off with a 3 wood or long iron from the tee. The green is protected short right with a deep bunker. Par is very possible on this.

Golf Course - Holes 10 to 18:

Hole #10 - No elevation tee box here, you will be forced to hit up a hill towards a fairway that almost seems not to exist. The entire left side is rough and bunkers, so you have to hit to the right to get a ball onto the fairway. Your 2nd shot will continue to go slightly uphill to a green protected by a bunker on the right and many more on the left (I found those). If you hit the fairway on your first shot a par is possible, otherwise you will be fighting for bogey or more.
Hole #11 - Sit back and enjoy the views from this tee box. It's not a terribly long par 3, but the carry is scary. There are bunkers to the left of the green and missing right is on bargain. you can be short off the tee and still do ok. Par is a good score.
Hole #12 - Perhaps my favorite hole on the course. A long par 5 gives you wide fairway to hit to off the tee and it goes downhill as well. There is a beautiful lake on the left as you approach the green that put you into a wonderland of sorts. With the canyon walls, green fairway and blue lake, it's downright awesome. Layup with your 2nd shot and hit your 3rd to a fairly open green. Par is totally possible.
Hole #13 - You can not see the green from this box and the fairway is almost hidden as well. You can hit towards the left for the safest shot or try your aim a touch right. There is a canyon wall that you will need to carry if you try to cut off more of this hole and go right off the fairway to the hidden fairway. We say stay left and then have only a short approach into a green that slants front to back. Try to leave an uphill put for a chance at birdie.
Hole #14 - The highest point on the course it appears. You are probably 8 stories up on this elevated tee box. Rumor has it that John Daly drove the green from here. For us mortals even hitting the fairway seems like a long way down. The entire left hand side of the hole is essentially bunkers, so stay right and hope for the best. Par is a good score, but I've seen double digits on this hole.
Hole #15 - A short par 3 that once again comes down to club selection. With a downhill tee shot, you will probably have nothing more than pitching wedge. Great chance at par and perhaps even a birdie on this one.
Hole #16 - A pretty good carry off the tee to a fairway that slopes a bit from left to right. The dogleg left puts a premium on a shot that ends up on the right side of the fairway for a view at the small green. Not a long hole, but you need to be strategic off the tee and with your approach to score well. Par is a good score here.
Hole #17 - By this time you should be warmed up and ready to hit the drive of your life. The Par 5 is reachable in 2 if you hit a good tee ball. The ETS lets you drive to an open fairway with some bunkering on the right side. If you are forced to layup, you will have to carry a small stream to a zone about 110-140 yards from the green. Your 3rd shot will be forced to carry water again to a reasonable sized green that slopes back to front. A birdie is possible and par is a good score.
Hole #18 - The last hole of the day is not hard, but for some reason I get into trouble each time I play it. Only about 300 yards long, your tee shot may be the most crucial shot. There is water straight ahead for long hitters off the tee. Otherwise, hit about 200 yards down the fairway and accept a short approach into a green that has water about 35 yards short. There are bunkers to the right of the green and you don't want to go left either with your approach. An accurate approach will give you a chance at birdie, otherwise you will be fighting to make par.