Updated: December 2017

Places to Stay in St. Andrews for Golfers:

Golfing at the St. Andrews Links (the famous Old Course) can be a once in a lifetime memory. On a recent trip with 5 other guys, I had to find the best accommodations for all of us that made financial sense and was in a good location compared to the golf courses. We had 3 nights in St. Andrews and wanted something beyond your basic hotel rooms. You can book hotel rooms like those at the Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, but for the price you are really wasting your money, at least in my eyes. Why not go with a smaller hotel or bed and breakfast style lodging where you get more bang for the buck and are still within a 9 iron of the Old Course. I started my search online about 8 months before our trip (April 2010) and found lots of options for our group instead of being stuck in crowded hotel rooms. I knew if we had to bite the bullet the Macdonald Rusacks Hotel, St Andrews was a solid option, but I wanted to rent a house that could accommodate 6 golfers.

One of the first places I came across was the Dunvegan Hotel which is quite popular amongst golfers in this region. The owners are Jack & Sheena Willoughby and they are great hosts. Although we did not ultimately stay with them, we went into their Lounge Bar several times over the 3 days. They were good enough to serve us breakfast one day, even though that is supposedly just for hotel guests. Also, the final night of the Master Tournament, we were in the Jiggers Inn at the Old Course Hotel and if you can believe it, they kicked us out at 11PM sharp, which meant we had to go somewhere else to watch the last few holes of the Masters. It seemed ironic at the time and my friends were definitely a little upset at the audacity of the Old Course hotel to do something like that - they could have made an exception to allow us to watch perhaps the biggest golf tournament of the year. What we ended up doing was walking over to the Dunvegan for drinks and the final few holes. They know how to do things right compared to the larger hotel chains in this area. If you want to spend $250 to $450 a night, then go with the Old Course Hotel (run by Kohler) or the Macdonalds Rusack Hotel. Both are exceptionally nice, but perhaps not best for golfers wanting to enjoy themselves. Back to my search for lodging in the small town of St. Andrews. I am a big fan of rental houses - especially when you have a larger group that can share the costs and enjoy the vacation living in a house versus small hotel rooms. If you venture onto the website VRBO.com - you will find several apartments and rental houses right in the city center of St. Andrews that are available for rent. Some are closer to the Old Course than others, but they are offer something unique. We ended staying at a place located at 5 Gillespie Wynd, the perfect location for golfers. The house is small and there are 3 rooms setup for 6 golfers or 3 couples.

Rental Houses in St. Andrews, Scotland:

The Vintage (as the house is called), is situated right off The Scores and there is a little Wynd, or alley way that you walk down to get to the house. We parked our 2 rental cars right on the road adjacent to the house and walked our gear in from there. There are other Bed and Breakfasts along The Scores and in the little side streets of St. Andrews, but renting a house with a group of golfers is ideal. We shared the same accommodations and had a blast. The house had a full kitchen with refrigerator so we bought food and beer at the local Tesco and stocked up for the few days. Depending on the size of your party, there are places that can handle more than 8 players. The Dunvegan, although not a rental house, is capable of hosting up to 16 golfers at once. Book early as they fill up fast during the peak seasons. The rental house cost us roughly $800 for the nights, but split 6 ways we each paid a little over $40/night. That's about as good as you can get in a town like this.

Golf Hotels in St. Andrews:

Worse comes to worse, go with a hotel if that makes sense. Often, you may only have 2 golfers and renting a house doesn't really make sense. The Best Western Scores is just a few yards from the Old Course first tee, so that is why many golfers choose this spot. You are looking at $130 GBP per night minimum with some dates going as high as $180 GBP. Depending on the exchange rate with the US dollar, your rate will fluctuate a bit. At the time of this article, you are looking at close to 1.55 US dollars per British Pound. The St. Andrews Golf Hotel is just up the road and offers nice accommodations. I stopped by the Greyfriars Hotel which is near North St. and it has a bar down below that was very loud, so perhaps not the best spot if you want quiet. The Dunvegan Hotel offers rooms for as little as $90 GBP in the off season and even during the peak season rooms are only $160 GBP per night for a double or twins. The luxury Fairmont Hotel is beautiful (we had drinks and dinner here one night), but it's too far from the town of St. Andrews and not as quaint. If you plan on not going out at night, then the Fairmont will do, but I strongly suggest staying closer to town and enjoying the college atmospher and golfing aura this place offers.