Updated: December 2017

Bainbridge Island Hotels - Reviews and Lodging Guide:

For years we had heard great things about Bainbridge Island, WA. Some of our friends live in the Bellevue area near Seattle and have told us to take a trip over there. We live in Portland, Oregon so we figured we would do an overnight getaway to Bainbridge Island and see what all the hype was about. Picking a hotel on Bainbridge Island was fairly easy since there are not a lot of lodging options available. You can choose a smaller inn or bed and breakfast - as those are more common on this quaint island community. I did my research online by looking through the selections on TripAdvisor.com. As of November 2009 there are only a few hotel reviews posted on TripAdvisor and the #1 ranking goes to the Best Western Bainbridge Island Suites. There are only slightly more inns and B&B's to choose from as well. The top choice is the Ashton Woods Retreat but we had also heard great things about the The Eagle Harbor Inn which is located in a great spot. Another option are the dozens of vacation rentals available through real estate companies or you can find some listed on VRBO.com. We had found a great little 2 bedroom townhouse that was updated and perfect for our family vacation but it was just a little too far from the village area. What we found out is that the vast majority of visitors to Bainbridge Island do it as a day trip and then leave - never needing overnight accommodations.

The Seattle to Bainbridge Island ferry literally drops you off just a few blocks from the Winslow Way (the main street in town). As you depart at Eagle Harbor off the ferry, you either walk or drive your car up Olympic Dr. SE and then take a quick left onto Winslow Way E. The Inn at Winslow Corner is the first accommodations you come to as you leave the ferry terminal. You will not find high rise building on Bainbridge and there are no chain hotels that we could find except the newer Best Western (see below). I think most people venture out to Bainbridge Island for a cozy weekend getaway and prefer staying at smaller inns or bed and breakfasts. The closer you can get to the main streets of town the better off you will be if you want to walk . Check for lodging on Winslow, Madison Ave., Ericksen Ave., or High School Rd NE. We took our 2 kids (ages 8 and 4) along for the trip and so we really had to stay at the a hotel since most inns are not setup for smaller children. We ended up at the Best Western Bainbridge Island Suites and had a great time. It was close enough to the main shopping and we had dinner down at Doc's Marina Grill. We had tried the Harbour Public House but soon found out it doesn't cater to those younger than 21. The whole island had a feeling that didn't seem to cater to kids - even Doc's Marina Grill had a huge seating section by the bar that was only for adults. We waited almost 40 minutes just to sit in the main dining area (there were other families with small children waiting as well) - seemed a bit silly given all the empty tables upstairs.

Best Western Bainbridge Island Suites:

Based on what I read on TripAdvisor and several other hotel review websites, we choose the Best Western Suites on Bainbridge since they offered plenty of amenities that other places just couldn't give us. We had a free breakfast in their small dining area - you can make waffles or just have a cold cereal, bagels, toast, etc. Great for us and the kids. The hotel itself is about 1 mile from the ferry unloading zone so it was a quick drive in the car to the hotel. The suites were large with a little sitting area with table. The room had a refrigerator, microwave, high speed Internet access, and a good sized bathroom. The building appears to have been constructed in the last few years and opposite the hotel are condos - I think they couldn't sell all the units so they turned the remnants into the Best Western. The car parking is down below and is underground. The entrance is next to a gas station but at least your valuables are safe at night. The staff was very friendly and tried to help as best they could in directing us to restaurants, parks, or shopping. You can find the hotel online HERE. Get a virtual tour or book your room right on the website. We paid $120/night for a Thursday evening on Bainbridge. Room rates varied from about $100 to $120. Choose from rooms with queen bed, king bed, or 2 queens. Overall our stay was nice and I would definitely recommend it to families that are staying on Bainbridge Island and want a nice, new and clean hotel.

Inns on Bainbridge Island:

If we had to make one recommendation, then it would be for the The Eagle Harbor Inn on Bainbridge. They offer rooms, suites, and townhomes all priced from about $159 to $450 a night. The rooms are not cheap, but the decor is superb and the location can't be beat. You are literally within a few minutes walk from the harbor and dozens of restaurants. The "petit hotel" as they call it is about a block from Winslow Way and shopping. If I were to go back to Bainbridge Island with just my wife, this is the spot I would try. I prefer getaways from the water and this one doesn't disappoint. It's nice to be able to walk everywhere you want to go and if you can arrange it so you are there for the Bainbridge farmers market, then all the better. For those that prefer a more secluded lodging option, then check out the Ashton Woods Retreat which is off the beaten path. The small B&B provides intimacy that most other hotels and inns just can't give you on this island. It's #1 rated on TripAdvisor for inns/B&B's on Bainbridge and we can understand why with the peaceful environment that surrounds this unique spot. Lastly, the Inn at Vineyard Lane (rooms start at $169) is just off Olympic Way SE as you leave the ferry terminal area. Within walking distance of downtown Winslow, this small hotel serves up a tasty breakfast. We advise you to read up on the reviews posted to websites like TripAdvisor so that you can make an informed decision on where to stay.