Updated: December 2017

Cannon Beach Restaurant Reviews:

One reason we keep going back to Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast is because their selection of restaurants and places to eat is so extensive. Whether it's just my wife and I or when we are with our kids, we always find tasty food. The kids love going to Pig n' Pancake for breakfast - the pancakes are good but the rest of the food is hit and miss for the adults. A better spot if you are just with older folks is the Lazy Susan Cafe - great breakfasts choices that will make you want to comeback over and over. One thing that I think about when at the coast is seafood. Many of the restaurants offer some kind of seafood dish, but if you want it done right then you have to try the Ecola Seafood Restaurant. We have not had the opportunity to go yet, but the EVOO Cannon Beach Cooking School gets great reviews online and my wife is an avid home chef that plans on taking a class there. We'll update this page after she has had the chance to eat at EVOO.

On our recent visit we were going to try JP's at Cannon Beach - the place seems first class, clean and has a solid reputation amongst foodies. Unfortunately their kids menu was lacking and so we had to try something else. A few places in town definitely are setup for adults and I would say that JP's is one of them. Another spot that was recommended by our neighbors is Wayfarer Restaurant and Lounge - it is located by the Surfsand Resort and easy to find - the views are excellent and the food is good. Looking for a romantic dining experience, check out Newmans at 988. This small restaurant sits just off Hemlock in a cozy looking yellow house. Everywhere we went the locals rave about it - of course the kids kept us from actually eating there, but perhaps next time. In comparison to other coastal towns like Newport, Seaside, or even Florence, I would say that Cannon Beach offers the widest selection of quality restaurants. The owners do say that most of their business comes in the peak summer months and that the darker, damper winter season can be rough. One of the owners we talked with said he cuts his staff from 30 in the summer down to 6 in the winter. The one place that we have tried (twice now) that has always let us down is Mo's Restaurant. The one in Newport, OR was a huge disappointment and the Cannon Beach location is not much better. I would say it's a tourist spot, the chowder was terrible compared to good Northwest chowder.

Best Cannon Beach Restaurants:

The #1 rated restaurant per TripAdvisor is the Lazy Susan Cafe - serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Again, there is no children's menu (this is a recurring theme in Cannon Beach). You can see the menu online here. The cafe does make excellent food, so try to visit them on a trip when you are without the kids (or let them order off the regular menu). Another top rated spot is Sweet Basil's Cafe - we missed the chance to eat here just recently - they were closed on the day we were there. They are a natural, organic food restaurant - be warned. My wife likes that type of food, but I know it's not for everyone. We say you should check out the favorites as listed by TripAdvisor here. You can read independent reviews on dozens of restaurants in the area and decide for yourself. Yelp.com and Yahoo Travel section also have comments posted by patrons who visited these restaurants.

Pizza in Cannon Beach:

There are two pizza places on Cannon Beach that I would say are worth eating at. The first is at Pizza a'Fetta restaurant - located at 231 N Hemlock St. The rainy night that we went in to eat was a real treat. The owner was there (as usual) and we had a great time. He was running a private party upstairs and was barely able to manage the customers downstairs, but his personality and generosity made the evening memorable in a good way. He told us the drinks were "on the house" and the pizza was excellent. It's definitely a spot where locals come to grab a slice of pizza or get an entire pizza pie. Fultano's Pizza is just a bit south on Hemlock and certainly a good spot to stop into for a bite to eat. The service is good and the pizza was as good as that at Pizza a'Fetta.