Updated: December 2017

Best Black Butte Home Rentals

The next best thing to having your own home at Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon is to take a vacation to Black Butte and stay in a rental vacation home. Where is Black Butte? It is located on the eastern side of the Cascade Range off Oregon Hwy 20 near Bend and the small town of Sisters (about 8 miles away), in Central Oregon, about 1.5 hours from Salem and 2.5 hours from Portland. What is Black Butte? Black Butte is a community of 1400 homes set around forest, wide open meadows, towering snow-covered peaks, 2 golf courses, 4 swimming pools, and miles of bike and walking trails. Homes are all individually owned, and can range from simple log cabins or ski chalets to spectacular modern mountain retreats. Summer is the most popular time to visit, when the main draw is the hot, sunny weather, clear blue skies and fresh mountain air, perfect for relaxing on the deck or at the pool, playing a round of golf, or bike riding with the family.

Finding a rental home in Black Butte can be challenging, since there is no one central resource for checking availability or booking a home. Since each home is individually owned, you may need to do some work to find rental listings, look at a lot of pictures to see what the home looks like, and talk to some owners to get the details on their specific home, including room and bedding layouts, amenities (hot tubs, foosball tables, deck furniture, bikes, etc.), prices, and vacancy. Building began here in 1970, and you'll find a lot of these home have the look and feel of 1970's mountain design and decor - lots of small, barebones kitchens, bathrooms and bunkrooms. The basic homes here are not super luxurious, though the newer, larger, more expensive homes can be much nicer and better equipped.

Finding a Home for Rent in Black Butte

First, lets start with a map to show you the layout of Black Butte Ranch. Click HERE and the Black Butte map will open in a new window. Their official site is BlackButteRanch.com. As you can see on the map, all of the homes are divided into various "homesite" groups. When you look for homes, they are generally identified by the homesite and the home number, like Golf House #47, which is located around the Big Meadow Golf Course area along the 11th fairway, as the map shows. So if the rental listings you are looking at don't show the home number, be sure to email or call the owner to find out exactly where the home is located in the ranch so you can find it on the map. The main homesite areas are:
  • Golf Homesites, along the northwest edge of the property around the Big Meadow Course
  • Spring Homesites, a small grouping of 52 homes tucked in begind the Big Meadow itself
  • East Meadow, to the east of the Big Meadow, 67 sites with larger lots
  • Rock Ridge, tucked in south of the East Meadow sites
  • South Meadow, wedged between East Meadow and Glaze Meadow, with Aspen Lake in the middle
  • and the largest area, Glaze Meadow, home of the new Glaze Meadow Recreation Center and Pool, a recent $6 million upgrade to the Ranch

No one area is "better" than the others at Black Butte. The entire resort has a relaxed, quiet, family-friendly feel to it, and most homes are tucked in nicely on wooded lots without excessive crowding. Some people like homes that front the golf course, some people like homes that abut state forest land, some people like to be near the meadows, some people like to be close to the pools. It all depends on your personal preferences. The peak rental season is in the months of July and August when families on summer vacation flock into the resort. Normally, you will have to commit to a minimum of 7 nights rental during these periods. Access to all the private homes is via card-activated security gates. If you are staying in the condos or visiting the lodge, you won't need a card-pass, as that area has unrestricted access. If you are renting a home, you will go to the check-in building immediately to your left when you enter the property. Here, you register and pay $4 per person daily resort fee, and you will get a magnetic card for swiping at the security gates to get into the residential property portion of the ranch.

Black Butte Vacation Homes

You can find a listing of about a dozen homes for rent at Black Butte on the Vacation Rental By Owner Site, VRBO.com. When you consider there are almost 1400 homes here, you get an idea of the challenge of getting ahold of these owners to find the ideal vacation rental. The listing at VRBO range from $150 per night up to $300 per night. When renting direct from a home owner, you usually pay about 20-35% less than if you rent from a management company. A nice feature on VRBO is that most units have availability calendars, letting you know quickly whether the rental home you are looking at is available for the time you want. The main BlackButteRanch.com website also has a listing of more than 100 Black Butte rental homes and condos. There are a lot of listings here for the Lodge Condos, which tend to run $125-$250 per night. You'll also find higher prices on these managed homes than if you rent direct from an owner. As an example, we found a private listing of a 3500sf home for $2000 per week in the summer ($290 per night) while listings on the main website had lots of similar homes listed at $400 and $500 a night or more for summer rentals. You can also look on Craigslist.com in the Portland area, then go to Vacation rentals and search for "black butte". We found 5 homes listed there when we looked. Lastly, consider BlackButteCabins.com. They carry about 35-40 Black Butte vacation home rentals from Glaze Meadows, Golf Home sites, South Meadow, and others. Most listing have 4-10 pictures of the property, including kitchens, outdoors, and bedrooms, giving you a decent idea of what the homes look like. Rental rates can range from $150 to more than $500 per night, depending on size of home and time of year. Keep in mind again that you may find prices here that are much higher than you would fine renting direct from an owner.

Black Butte Condos

While most of the ranch is filled with single family homes, there are a few pockets of condos available for rent near the main lodge and clubhouse - these include the Lodge Condos, Country House Condos, and Golf Course Condos. As an example, a Lodge Condo 1 BR unit that is 1100sf rents for about $225 per night in peak season, and $140 per night in the off season. A 2BR Country House Condo (1000sf) goes for about $135-$220. You can check out some Black Butte rental condos at BlackButte.com (a realtor's site).