Updated: December 2017

Coyote Springs Golf Course Review:

On our recent trip out to Nevada to play golf (May 2012), we decided to include the Coyote Springs Golf course on our list. We usually drive out to Mesquite, NV and then play 3 or 4 days of golf in that region. Coyote Springs is a newer golf course that my brother had played a few years ago when it opened up and he really enjoyed the experience. He said the course was in superb condition and they even required you to get a forecaddie in order to play. Sounded like a great professional atmosphere and one I wanted to see for myself. On our last day of golf we traveled back from Mesquite to the course. It's remote, no way around that. See the directions page at http://www.coyotesprings.com/directions.html. You are about 50 minutes whether approaching from Mesquite or the downtown area of Las Vegas. We headed out on Hwy 168 off of I-15. From Vegas you take Hwy 93 north. Even as you approach the golf club it's hard to see much of the course from a distance - basically hidden amongst the desert.

It was a little chaotic the day we arrived. We checked in and made our way to the practice facility - about a 7 minute cart ride. The starter was talking gibberish to us about hurrying up but not wanting to rush us along. We hit a few putts and went to the first tee and the starter had disappeared. The course supposedly had had a last minute tournament and they pretty much forgot about all the golfers who had tee times to focus on the larger group with the tournament. We teed off on our own and started playing - no starter in site after sitting on the first tee for 10 minutes. The carts don't have GPS at this time and the scorecard doesn't offer much in terms of course layout. Playing a new course for the first time is always hard but I felt like Coyote Springs should have done a better job. There are plaques at the start of each hole which give you a general hole layout, but they are written in hieroglyphics (ok I'm joking). They are impossible to read and figure out. We proceeded to play with little guidance of hole layouts and pin positions. In hindsight a yardage book may have been a good buy. The course itself was in mediocre shape - certainly not having the lush fairways my brother had talked about a few years back. It appears that the course and the club are headed for problems if they keep this up. No one will want to travel an hour to play golf that costs over $100 and see conditions like this. The green were in great shape, but we hit off of fairways that had a mix of grass, dry spots, dirt, etc. The photos on the website look amazing and I'm sure Coyote Springs could play incredible, but on this day the course conditions were lacking. We saw some maintenance guys spraying water in the oddest of spots - around lakes, at the back of tee boxes, everywhere except where the course needed it most. There are lots of waste bunker regions along certain holes - makes for interesting shots. It can get windy out here, we had a few hours of 20 MPH wind gusts which made it hard to be accurate. Their official website is at http://www.coyotesprings.com/ - there is a cool fly over link that lets you see the course from above - worth a look. Overall I'm not sure I would return to the course until they commit more money to it. They originally had plans for some grand golf community with over 10 courses, homes, etc. Right now they appear to be hanging on for better times. It's a Jack Nicklaus course design but I'm afraid he would be disappointed with how it currently looks.

Green Fees and Tee Times:

Getting a tee time is fairly easy - just log onto the website and go to the "Book a Tee Time" link. Search the day you are interested in and get a listing of what is available. There are discounts for larger parties and twilight times. Rates for us were $129 as part of the package we signed up for. You could get a twilight rate of $99 - depending on time of year and day. Nevada residents get great deals on this course. For a tee time in early May, rates are $65/each or $40 after noon. I would personally say the course is more in lines with $80/round, but not $100+.

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