Updated: December 2017

Where is Fiji and How do I get there?:

Fiji is located in the tropics of the southern hemisphere. It lies on the 180 Meridian where the dawning of each new day occurs. Over 300 islands make up the Fiji group of islands with the major islands being Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. More then anything else, Fiji is an exotic destination with sunny skies, gorgeous beaches and a lifestyle that is slow moving and perfect for any visitor to relax and enjoy the days. Where else can you swim with huge, harmless manta rays, snorkel over giant rainbow gardens of soft coral, or scuba dive the White Wall and famous Astrolabe Reef. Getting to Fiji can be a trip in and of itself. Leaving from LAX is Air Pacific with an 11 hour flight (nonstop at least) to the International Airport of Nadi or you can also fly Air New Zealand. Once you have arrived in Nadi and get to your resort, the vacation will be the most memorable of your life. I was fortunate enough to spend my honeymoon in Fiji in the late 1990's and I have yearned to return ever since. The people were the most memorable with smiles on their faces all the time and they helped my wife and I relax from the moment we set foot on the islands. They don't believe in rushing anything and they want you to enjoy yourself at all costs. The activities to choose from are endless with walks on sunny beaches, to treks into the rain forests/jungles, to jet boating up rivers. The Fiji weather is always hot (and humid). Because you are that much closer to the equator, 90 degrees can seem like it's burning your skin within 10 minutes. Be prepared with plenty of sunblock. The Fiji waters are inviting with constant temperatures around 82 degrees. A Fiji Vacation wouldn't be finalized without a trip to a Fiji Village to meet the chief and go through a Kava ceremony. See below for more details on honeymoons, resorts, and scuba diving.

What are the best resorts in Fiji?:

There are some great resorts located on the mainland of Viti Levu that I had a chance to visit. The Hideaway Resort is located on the Coral Coast of Viti Levu. The resort offers luxury bures for $200/night with a huge pool with waterslide. All rooms overlook the tranquil waters of the Pacific and the snorkeling right off the resort was good for beginners. The staff was excellent and knew your name right away. Each night they serenade your bure before cocktail hour and then blow a horn to announce the beginning of the nightly festivities. While the mainland is great, we suggest getting out to some of the smaller islands in the Mamanuca Islands just 30 KM west of Nadi. Our favorite resort was Matamanoa Island Resort. Just the boat ride up to the island stirred my stomach as the beautiful beaches and surrounding island and crystal clear waters made me realize how pristine this island paradise is. The staff was attentive and the location is so remote that you can't help but to relax with the other vacationers (only 20 beachfront bures and 13 AC garden hotel rooms on the whole island). It's like having a private island all to yourself. The snorkeling was excellent, the swimming pool was small and quant and the food was spectacular. If you want a vacation you will never forget, we recommend Fiji.

Fiji Honeymoon

As mentioned before, I had the privilege to honeymoon in Fiji and I can highly recommend the experience to anyone. Honeymoons were made for places like Fiji with privacy, pristine beaches, warm waters, relaxing atmosphere and great food. Who wouldn't want to be swept away from the chaos of a wedding to the most relaxing place on earth. Many hotels and resorts in Fiji will even perform a wedding ceremony if you are so inclined to get married in Fiji. We have heard a few stories where couples thought they were officially married for years only to find out that the married was never a sanctioned event by the laws of the United States and they have to get married all over again. Mostly, though, honeymooning in Fiji is all about you and your spouse enjoying your new life together by starting each day gazing at the sunrise across the blueist waters you have ever seen. We recommend Matamanoa resort (listed above) as the best spot for a relaxing honeymoon vacation in Fiji (they don't allow kids under 12 so peace and quiet is pretty much assured). If more amenities and luxury are what you are looking for and less isolation, then we recommend the Sheraton Fiji near Nadi. The Sheraton Resort has all the latest amenities you could desire with easy access to golf, shopping, and visiting the small villages for a cultural experience. Fiji is not the cheapest place to visit and a fun filled honeymoon for 10 days can cost $3500.

Here are some more resources to aid in your travel plans:
Fiji Tourist Site - find information on Fiji.

Scuba Diving in Fiji:

Scuba diving in Fiji is an out of this world experience. Divers come from all over the world to get into the stunning coral reefs in the Mamanuca Islands. Snorkeling is great as well, but being able to go down and visit these beautiful gardens of majestic creatures and colors is what it is all about. Fiji Diving is offered by many dive companies located at the resorts in the Mamanuca Islands. Many offer day trips to the best scubs diving spots - Gotham City, Namotu Wall, The Big W's, Barrel Heads, and Castaway Passage. Subsurface Fiji who are a professional dive company, a PADI 5 IDC Instructor Development Center, run scuba diving trips from all the major resorts and we recommend getting in contact with them at Subsurface Fiji for more information on your scuba diving trip to Fiji.