Updated: December 2017

Colter Bay Cabin Reviews:

The Grand Tetons are a spectacular sight at the National Park and staying overnight is an absolute must to really enjoy this area of Wyoming. Grand Teton National Park is just over the border from Idaho and slightly south from Yellowstone National Park. We went to the Grand Tetons in July 2012 and decided to stay at the Colter Bay Cabins - right near Jackson Lake and the Colter Bay Marina. There are plenty of options (see below) on where you could stay in the national park, but we felt that the Colter Bay Cabins put us in the best location in terms of getting around and enjoying the lake. The cabins are considered rustic and I would agree with that. Per the photos below you can see that the cabins are made with real logs and the rooms are definitely dated. We checked in at about 4Pm and the only word of caution we got was that no food was to be kept in the cabins since they have had issues with small squirrels and chipmunks in the rooms. I was concerned with leaving food in the car for fear that bears might get to it, but she assured me that would not happen as bears don't venture into that area in search of food.

As you can see by the first picture below, the entrance to Cabin 454 has a green door and 2 sets of windows on the sides. There is a small porch light so that you can see at night when approached the cabin. The interior had an open storage cabinet/closet, 3 beds, a hard linoleum style floor, a desk, and the dormitory bathroom with double sinks. The kids thought it was great - each got there own bed - but I would say they could be a bit cleaner for almost $185/night. Yes, lodging in some of the national parks is expensive. The crazy thing is that these cabins at Grand Teton NP fill up months in advance. I made our reservation in January for the July visit. Don't wait to the last minute as you will surely not get a place to stay. A few years back I did the campground routine here and the same thing goes, get your campsite reserved early. The room had 2 double beds and a single. The bedding was old fashioned but we were able to stay warm even when the temperature at night got into the low 40's. The cabins seem pretty well insulated. We did have a few small squirrels hang around the front door looking for food scraps - DO NOT feed them. The walls are not sound proof and the people next door kept us up fairly late just by talking in their room. We were also awoken by the sounds of police sirens as a group of Park Rangers made some kind of arrest at the cabin just 2 over from us. Never did find out what it was, but at 5AM in the morning they felt it necessary to arrest some guy. Otherwise, the cabin was just fine for our 1 night stay. The lounge/recreation room was just 2 doors down - it had lots of tables for cards/reading, a vending machine, ice machine, etc. - a good spot to relax if your cabin was too small. The location was just perfect for us. We walked out the cabin and down a short path to the restaurant and then across the parking lot to the Colter Bay Marina where we did a Jackson Lake cruise (this is a must if you visit). You can park your vehicle right out front of the cabin - seemed like plenty of parking was available. There are NO TV's and NO internet access at these cabins - so rustic is a good word. Our kids knew this in advance so they weren't shocked, they were prepared with board games and books for the evening. I like that a family can get away from electronics and social media - at least for a night - when at the Grand Tetons.

Cabins vs Other Lodging Options in Grand Teton National Park:

At Colter Bay Village there are semi-private cabins where you share a common bathroom. Cost is about $70/night. The private one room cabins (we stayed in them) have a bathroom with shower and range from $130 to $170. The private 2 room cabins are larger and newer and cost over $200/night. There are tent cabins for $55/night with pull-down bunks and single cots. Campgrounds are $20/night. Jackson Lake Lodge is another great option just slightly down the road. Cottages start at $230 and go up while the lodge rooms are similar in price as well. Jenny Lake offers lodge cabins - they are expensive since they include things like dinner, breakfast, horseback rides and more. Check out all the lodging available at Grand Teton NP online at http://www.gtlc.com/lodging/index.aspx. All we can say is book EARLY as things tend to sell out every year.

What Others are Saying:

Your best source of feedback on where to stay is at http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g143029-Grand_Teton_National_Park_Wyoming-Hotels.html. Tripadvisor is a reputable website loaded with customer opinions and comments based on their actual experiences. There are over 1000 reviews to browse through with great tips on which places are best for your type of accommodation. Jenny Lake Lodge is ranked #1 with Jackson Lake Lodge #2 and Colter Bay Village #3. We tried to choose something rustic as we wanted to show our kids a different style of lodging. Staying in a brand new lodge room just isn't what I imagine a trip to a national park to include. Try getting away from internet connections, WI FI, and television sets at least for a night or 2 and see what the parks offer.

Front entrance to Colter Bay Cabin 454.

The storage cabinet - notice there are no doors.

Large bathroom with 2 sinks, a shower, and toilet.

Single bed in the corner.

Two double beds on the other side of the cabin.

The Colter Bay Marina with boats and views of the Tetons is just steps from the cabin.

Colter Bay Marina with boat rentals, small shop for drinks/snacks, and cruise rental information.