Updated: December 2017

Heathrow Hotels - Which is Best?:

On a recent trip to London I had to take an early morning (6:30AM) flight out of Heathrow International Airport on my return home. I usually just stay in downtown London and get to the airport by midday for an afternoon flight but this time I had to stay near the airport. I started searching online for hotels near Heathrow airport and came up with quite a few to choose from. Heathrow hotels are almost all within a few miles of the actual airport and several are located within a short walk of the terminals. The 2 most popular choices are the Hilton London Heathrow airport hotel near Terminal 4 and the Sofitel hotel at Terminal 5. Even if you stay a few miles away you can get on the Hoppa buses which offer shuttle service back and forth to the airport (code LHR) and the hotels, but with early morning flights make sure you check to make sure you can get to the terminal in time. You may end up having to hire a taxi. Many of the hotels around Heathrow are priced very reasonably - rates are as low as $65/night with most hotels charging more like $100/night. The Hilton and Sofitel can demand higher prices for their convenience and rates go as high as $220/night at those.

We suggest you reference the Heathrow hotel map we have listed below to see a visual of where hotels are located and what terminal they are near to. No sense in staying near Terminal 1 if your flight is leaving from Terminal 4. I decided to go with the Hilton since it was connected to Terminal 4 and the price was right ($100) on a Friday night. The other alternative would have been to stay at the Jurys Inn which is not too far from Terminal 4. The Heathrow hotel Hoppa is the best solution when staying off site, then you don't need a to deal with parking or returning a rental car early in the morning. The Hoppa buses do charge, but it's minimal considering the convenience you get. When you look at travel sites like Tripadvisor.com you will see that hotels like Premier Inn, Yotel, Etap, and Days Hotel Hounslow are top rated. Bath Road is the main hotel strip with over a dozen to choose from and this northern perimeter road is where you want to be if not staying at the Hilton or Sofitel. For my early morning flight I arrived at the airport a few minutes before 5 AM and that was perfect timing since the check-in counters don't open until 5 AM anyways. London Heathrow airport is busy and the hotels seem busy during the work week but on weekends you should see less crowds. I went over there in March 2009 and was surprised at how busy the Hilton hotel at Heathrow was given the current economic recession we are in. Perhaps that is why the room was only $100 (booked on Expedia). We recommend staying at the Renaissance or Park Inn if you are flying out of Terminal 3 or Terminal 1 or 2 for that matter.

Terminal 4 - Heathrow Hilton:

Need a hotel near Terminal 4 at Heathrow? The most convenient hotel is the Hilton which is connected to the terminal via a walkway that is enclosed. It literally takes about 5 minutes to walk from the lobby of the hotel across the enclosed walkway and into the terminal to check-in for your flight. We read some complaints on the Tripadvisor site about the hotel and that the walkway wasn't heated and so on. Since I was able to get such a good room rate for a Friday night, I went with the Hilton and was totally satisfied. Sure the walkway was a bit chilly, but you are in it for so short a period of time it hardly matters. You will have to pull your luggage (see if you can a luggage cart). The Hilton had spacious rooms, several restaurants to choose from downstairs, and quiet rooms considering how close they are to the airplanes taking off. Service was decent at the front desk and check out was simple. Just sign the bill they leave under your door and leave it in a box as you leave the hotel - truly hassle free. I would definitely recommend staying at this hotel again - at least for $100/night. If you can't get anything cheaper on a weeknight than $200/night, consider the Jury Inn just down the street.

Terminal 5 - Sofitel Hotel:

The Sofitel London Heathrow is top rated on travel review sites and a very reputable hotel if you need to be near Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Many people say it's the best hotel at Heathrow partly because it's so new and the rooms are very nice. Rates are not cheap as many rooms we saw were going for $200 or more each night. The Heathrow Lodge and Thistle Hotel are very close to Terminal 5 and worth considering as an alternative to the Sofitel if you don't want to spend so much $$$. The Sheraton is nearby, but it doesn't even rate in the Top 15 hotels near Heathrow per consumer reviews.

Heathrow Hotels Map:

We HIGHLY recommend that you check out Tripadvisor.com for hotel reviews in and around the Heathrow airport location. You can read up on others experiences (mine is listed above) and get a feel for which hotels rate the highest in areas that you are looking for. I have always used Tripadvisor myself as a valuable resource in choosing a quality hotel (especially near airports). Also, seeing a visual map of the airport and surrounding hotels should give you a good idea of what location will work best for you. You can see a MAP of Heathrow hotels here.