Updated: December 2017

Kiawah Island Bike Rentals:

One of the best ways to see Kiawah Island is on bicycle. The trails are clearly marked and you can ride for hours if you want - even on the hard packed beaches. The bike trails wind along golf courses, around ponds and waterways, and through neighborhoods and parks. If you drive to Kiawah Island we recommend you take a few bikes and not have to deal with renting them. Perhaps your rental house will come equipped with bikes. No matter what, don't scrimp on the chance to rent bikes and ride around the island itself. Our family of 4 was well prepared to bite the bullet and get rental bikes on Kiawah. The real question is how long do you need them for? A few days? Maybe a week? The rental itself is not bad for a week (7 days) as the per day charge is very reasonable. If you rent from the Kiawah Island Resort you can get bikes by the hour, day, or weekly. Many of the other rental agencies only offer 3 day rentals or 4-7 day periods.

What Type of Rental Bikes are Available? - Since you are in a beach community, the cruiser bike is the most prevalent and they are very easy to ride. No having to change gears and kids love them. With all the flat trails there is no need to have a bike with various speeds. The basic offerings are 26", 24", 20", 16", tow cart, add-a-bike, and tricycles. Most places offer a larger bike with a child carrier if you need it. Our son was 6 and so I got the "Add a bike" which was fun and easy to maneuver. There are over 30 miles of paved trails and 10 miles of beach (hard packed) to ride on. Don't forget those helmets for the kids. Below we have listed the type of bike and the average rental rates on the island:

* 26 Inch Bicycle - $45/week (4-7 days), 3 days is $37, 2 days is $36, and 24 hours is $18. You can get a child carrier on this bike as well.
* 24 Inch Bike - Pricing is the same as above
* 20 Inch Bike - Pricing is the same as above
* 16 Inch Bike - Pricing is the same as above
* Tow Cart - Pricing is the same as above
* Add a Bike - Pricing is the same as above
* Tricycle - Pricing is the same as above
What I liked about renting through Kiawah Island Golf Resort was the no hassle rental. They delivered the bikes right to our Shipwatch Villa and parked the bikes in the bike rack area. They left 2 combination locks along with helmets for the kids. It could not have been easier. On our checkout date, we left the bikes on the racks with the helmets. Kiawah is a small island community so the possiblity of theft is minimal, although you should lock the bikes up wherever you go. You can see all the rental details online at http://www.kiawahresort.com/recreation/kiawah-island-bicycle-rentals.php.

Renting Kiawah Island Bikes from an Off-Island Rental Company:

There are lots of choices when it comes to renting. We found 3 other companies that offer bicycle rental services for Kiawah Island. Most are comparable in price and almost all deliver the bikes free of charge. The first place is Island Bike & Surf Shop (www.kiawahislandbikerental.com) which lets you fill out the rental form online and have the bikes waiting for you on arrival. They offer many of the same bikes (as listed above) but you can also get a jogging stroller, mountain bike, adult trike, or a cargo trailer. Their weekly rates are about $35 - cheaper than the KIGR rates. Also, they rent bikes to those on Seabrook Island as well. The next spot is called Carolina Bike & Beach and they offer much more than just bikes. You get free delivery and pickup on bikes, beach equipment (boogie boards, umbrella, beach chairs, etc.). Pricing for the bikes is $38/week, so you are in between KIGR and the first place listed above. The website is at http://kiawahislandbikerentals.com/. Again, you can fill out an order form online and have your bikes waiting for you. Convenient and easy is how one of their customers describes the process. Lastly, we found http://www.seasidecycles.com/. Their website was hard to decipher as the spacing was all off and I couldn't tell what bike was what price. They do you have phone # to call if you want to order over the phone.

Overall Biking Experience:

The trails only had a few spots where it could get tricky for a youngster. We found that the traffic of bicycles was minimal in mid-June. Not sure how crowded they get in the peak of summer. What I liked best is that the trails are almost all flat and even. Riding with my 10 year daughter was a real treat as we went for miles and discovered all sorts of cool things along the way. My son (with his add a bike) was like a 2nd driver. He would direct me all over and he felt like he was doing all the work. There are golf carts on a few parts of the trails, so be watchful for those. The bike riding seemed easier at low tide, when the water was up we found getting traction a bit tougher - especially on my add-a-bike since it weighs more and had my son on it. The beach riding was fun and something you can't do on most beaches in America.