Updated: December 2017

Kiawah Island Golf Course Reviews:

When you think of golfing in South Carolina, the first place that might pop into your head is Myrtle Beach. Think again, Kiawah Island is an incredible spot for golf and certainly having the 2012 PGA Championship held at their famed Ocean Course shouldn't hurt their popularity at all. Kiawah Island golf has a course for everyone. I was able to play the Cougar Point course years ago and I was looking forward to trying the Ocean Course on my recent trip but the day I arrived they were aerating the greens and it wouldn't be open the week I was there. Just bad luck. The good news is there are 3 others courses on the island so lack of golf opportunities is not a worry. The only concern I had was being able to play when the weather wasn't so darn hot and humid. Early morning hours are the best and that is usually when the tee times get booked up. If you can play in 90 degree weather during the afternoon, you will probably have the course to yourself.

Golf Courses on Kiawah Island - There are 5 championship courses to choose from and from experience most have plenty of water to deal with. After all, you are playing on an island with lots of marshes and waterways. Even if you do lose balls in the water, the view from many of the fairways is simply spectacular with wildlife all over. Which course is best for you? How about if your entire family wants to play? Oak Point is the cheapest of the bunch. The Ocean Course is the most costly. They do run family golf specials after a certain time each day (usually 5PM or later) where tee times are reserved on each course so your family can get out for a relaxing round. Kids play for free when the adults play during these times. There are golf clinics and lessons available each day as well. For an idea of green fees, see the list below:

Turtle Point at Kiawah Island Golf Resort - Green Fees $150-$250
Osprey Point at Kiawah Island Golf Resort - Green Fees $150-$250
Oak Point at Kiawah Island Golf Resort - Green Fees $90-$170
Cougar Point at Kiawah Island Golf Resort - Green Fees $150-$250
Ocean Course at Kiawah Island Golf Resort - Green Fees $280-$390

Kiawah Island Ocean Course - 2012 PGA Championship:

Kiawah is no stranger to hosting great golfing events and the Ocean Course is the their prime location. The Ocean Course Golf Course hosted the 1991 Ryder Cup, the 2007 Senior PGA Championship, and in 2012 it will host the PGA Championship. Having just visited Kiawah Island in June 2011, the course is looking amazing and the clubhouse is spectacular. The entire resort has banners up promoting the big event and I'm sure next year things will be crazy come August. If you play after 2PM you can get discounted rates for this course, but you are still talking $200+. I'm sure there will be big demand before and after the 2012 PGA championship to get on the course and give it a try. It's walking only until noon each day and caddies are available if needed. Be sure to stop by the Ryder Cup Bar for a beverage after your round. Check out the online website for Kiawah Golf at http://www.kiawahresort.com/golf/ or call 800-576-1570 for golf packages.