Updated: December 2017

Le Pigeon Restaurant - Portland, OR:

When you think of new eating establishments in Portland, OR, places like Le Pigeon come to mind. My wife is always following the latest restaurants in Portlands culinary scene and we continually do our best to support new places. Our recent venture took us to 738 E Burnside in Portland where Le Pigeon is located. Chef Gabriel Rucker, a former Gotham Building Tavern (GBT) sous, is the one who opened it up. We had been to GBT a while back and thought it was good so this was an obvious progression for us. Le Pigeon is a small restaurant with an open kitchen and a little bar. The atmosphere is friendly (once you get past the door) and the food was excellent. The hours are 5 PM to close everyday and reservations are highly recommended. The night that we went there were crowds waiting outside to get in -luckily we had a reservation to bypass the wait. The doorman (not sure his name) is quite good at his job. My wife had made the reservation and entered in before me as I went to park the car around the corner. When I tried to get in the front door the host (as I'll call him) practically blocked my way. I didn't know the exact reservation time we had and had to tell him I was with my wife (already seated) just to get in.

Reservations are taken for parties of 2 or more and you are seated at their communal tables (3 of them). You can call 503-546-8796 to make your reservation. You can show up without a reservation and they have some limited seating available for you. They hold about seats at the Chef's Counter on a first come first serve basis. Those aren't bad seats since you get an up close and personal look at how Gabriel and his crew prepare the meals. The official website for the restaurant can be found online HERE. They list dinner menus, wine lists, address, phone number, and a list of upcoming events (check them out). Back to the restaurant, once inside you are safe to look around and enjoy the experience. The service was excellent and the wait staff was more than informative on some dishes we had questions on. We thought the wines were well paired with our appetizers and main courses perfectly (we asked the waiter for their opinion) and the desert was delicious. The prices were fair given the high quality cuisine you will find. The dishes are not extravegent, but they are different and you are sure to be able to find something you've probably never tasted before (similar to Gotham Building Tavern). I admit I prefer a more traditional dining experience where you get your own table to sit at, but the crowd next to us was very polite and we were still able to have a somewhat private evening.

Menu - Prices:

The menu changes weekly and their is an updated PDF file online at the website you can view ahead of time (if you're curious like I am). Starters include items like Romaine with lemon and parmesan, Foie Gras with figs and pine, Toro w/ radishes and trout roe, scallops, duck neck, and pigeon. The entrees will really wake up your palette with dishes like skate cheeks, swordfish w/ oyster butter, citrus, and asparagus, beef cheek bourguignon, duck, lentils, and a Strawberry Mountain Farms burger. The starters ranged in price from $9 to $18 and the entrees came in at $9 to $27. The wine list is more than ample and many were available by the glass or 1/2 liter. Leave room for dessert.

What Others Have to Say:

Restaurants like Le Pigeon draw a crowd when they first open because of the hype that foodies put on them in Portland. The restaurant has been written up in New York Times Table Talk, The Washington Post, NWA World Traveler Magazine, Gourmet and several local magazines and newspapers. Most reviews are very favorable and you can read them in their entirety online HERE. We are always interested to hear what others have to say about a place like this as well - send us your opinion on Le Pigeon.