Updated: December 2017

Lincoln City Parks - Devil's Lake Camping and Activities

Lincoln City is a popular vacation spot along the Oregon coast. It has miles of famous rugged Oregon beaches, with plenty of vacation rental homes to choose from, whether you are a summer visitor or a winter storm watcher. One thing that Lincoln City has to offer that other beach towns don't is a nice big lake, called Devil's Lake. If you drive through town on the main thoroughfare (Hwy 101), chances are you won't even see the lake or know it exists. One clue is when you pass the famous "D" River, supposedly the shortest river in the world that drains out of the lake and into the ocean. Anyways, if you pay attention you'll see several roads that head a very short distance east to take you to Devil's Lake. The lake itself is also lined with nice waterfront homes along most of its shore. The lake makes a nice alternative to the beach, especially on days when winds are high and whipping up the sand. What can you do at Devil's Lake? There are a number of boat ramps if you want to bring your own watercraft and boat, waterski, tube, whatever. There is also a state park here (in fact it is right near where the D River is) with 28 RV campsites and 50+ tent campsites - the Devil's Lake State Recreation Area website is here with details on camping reservations, park maps, facilities, etc. There is also Regatta Park, which you get to by following 14th St. east off of Hwy 101. The park has a grassy play area, playground structures, a sandy beach, and an enclosed swimming area in the lake.

lincoln city waverunner

Devil's Lake Boat and Waverunner Rentals - Jet Skis in Lincoln City

Near the north end of the lake is Blue Heron Landing. It is located just off NE West Devil's Lake Road (on the north side of town, north of the Safeway shopping center - the road is right off Hwy 101, look for the sign). They don't seem to have a website so it is hard to find much information about them - but we'll do our best to summarize the details here. Their phone number is 541-994-4708. Let's start with the Bumper Boats. You get a 5 minute session for $3.50. If you've never ridden bumper boats, the concept is pretty simple -- think bumper cars on the water. You rotate and steer your boat and try to collide with the other boats. There are no squirt guns like you find on some bumper boats, so you will stay dry. It is in an enclosed water area. You can also feed the fish there right off the dock. Moving on to boats for bigger kids.. They also rent kayaks and canoes and paddleboats, for those who want to get around under their own power. Kayaks are $12 per our, $24 for a half day. Canoes are $16 per hour, $32 for a half day.

If power boats are more your thing, check out the waverunners they have for rent on the lake. You can rent the jet ski / waverunners for a minimum of 2 hours. The smaller 3 seater goes for $95 for 2 hours or $160 for 4 hours. The larger 4 seater Yamaha models go for $115-$120 for 2 hours - you also have to pay for the fuel you use and a credit card damage deposit is required. Motorboats for cruising Devil's Lake are $36-$42 per hour (12-15 foot boats), all day for $69-$77. And finally you can even rent the pontoon boat for $90 for 2 hours. That about covers it. Next time you are in Lincoln City for a vacation, stop by Devils Lake and enjoy the change of scenery!