Updated: December 2017

Best Maui Hotel Map - Maui Resort Map

If you are planning a vacation to Maui, it can be pretty tough to keep track of the names and locations of all the different hotels, condos, and resorts you are researching. Kihei, Kaanapali, Wailea, Kapalua -- where is the Hyatt located? We couldn't find a good online map that showed the locations of EVERY hotel, condo, and resort on Maui, so we made our own interactive map using Google Maps. Basically, from the satellite view, we went down the coast mile by mile and labeled each building on the map. You can scroll around the map, zoom in and out, see what the beaches and neighborhoods around each property looks like. Just click on the blue markers to see the name of that specific property. You can then plug that name into Google to dig into the details on that property (rates, features, etc.). If you know the area where your hotel, condo, or resort is located, just zoom in on that area of the map and start clicking around. The first map below shows the general layout of the island of Maui with the main cities listed. The detailed map with all the hotels in below it. Enjoy.

Maui Map

Take a look at the Maui map below. This shows you where all the major cities are. At the upper left is Kapalua -- the Ritz Carlton is here with some very expensive rental villas around the property as well. Next is the Napili area with a number of smaller, low-rise condos (and one resort, the Napili Kai). Then comes Kahana with quite a few condo units, some high-rise, some low-rise, stretched along the coast (not a lot of great beaches in this area). Then comes Honokawai, again with a good number of condos and a few resorts as you get towards the southern end closer to Kaanapali. Which brings us to Kaanapali - some of the nicest hotels and resorts on the island are here. The next main city is Lahaina -- great to shop, visit, and eat, but no one stays here. Maalaea is very windy, not much in the way of worthwhile lodging here either. Then we get to Kihei - fairly busy area with lots of stores and condos along the ocean, but the water and beaches are not as good here as they are in other spots (we pass through here but never stay here). Then we get to expensive Wailea, which along with Kaanapali, is one of the most desirable spots on Maui. Luxury resorts line the beach here (think Four Seasons). Then comes Makena with just a few places to stay. A few people make it all the way to Hana (far right side of the map), just a few lodging options there. Kahalui and Wailuku are the biggest cities on the island, that's where the locals live, tourists don't really stay there.
map of maui

OK, now we move onto the map that shows where all the hotels are. This first map shows everything in one view. It is an interactive map - you can drag it and move it around, zoom in and out, etc. Feel free to explore. Below we will zoom in on each resort area to give you a little more detail. Each of those blue markers is a hotel or condo. Click on one and you'll see the name of the property. Scroll down to see close-up region maps.

Napili Condo Map - Map of Napili Hotels and Condos

Here is a closeup map of the northwest corner of Maui (again, just click a blue marker to see the name of the resort). Kapalua is just to the north, where you'll find the golf courses, the Ritz Carlton resort, and the Kapalua villas that define Kapalua. You won't find any smaller hotels or condos in Kapalua. Napili Bay, though, shown here, offers a number of condo options. You can use the "+" button to zoom in further if you wish. Starting from the top is the:
  • Napili Kai Resort (quite a few buildings make up this resort)
  • Mauian at Napili Bay
  • Napili Village (set back from the beach)
  • Hale Napili
  • Napili Sunset
  • Napili Bay Resort
  • Napili Surf Beach Resort
  • Napili Shores Condos
  • Napili Point Condos
All the properties right along the beach are fairly old -- very simple, not fancy or elegant by any means. Napili is a quiet, secluded place to stay. Don't expect 5-star world-class resort hotel accomodations.

Kahana Hotel and Condo Map - Map of Kahana Condos

Heading south, next up is the Kahana area. There are a lot of smaller condo complexes here in Kahana, along with a few larger ones as well (right in the middle there). The main drawback here is a general lack of good sandy beaches after you leave Napili, all the way down to Kaanapali. A few places have small sandy areas out front, but many are along rocky shores. If you're a pool person and not a beach person, that may not be a problem. Plus, you can always drive to different beaches if your condo doesn't offer one. You can use the "+" button to zoom in further if you wish. Starting from the top is the:
  • Kahana Sunset (just off map to the north)
  • Kahana Village
  • Kahana Outrigger
  • Kahana Reef
  • Hololani
  • Royal Kahana
  • Valley Isle Resort
  • Sands of Kahana
  • Kahana Village
  • Noelani
  • Mahina Surf
  • Polynesian Shores
  • Kuleana
  • Hoyochi Nikko
  • Hale Mahina Beach Resort
  • Lokelani
At the bottom of the map, Kahana runs right into Honokawai -- you can see that on the next map.

Honokawai Resort and Condo Map - Map of Honokawai Condos

Here is a closeup map of the Honokawai area, just north of Kaanapali. Fairly simple condo complexes until you get to the last few on this list, where there are some larger resorts. Again, not real great beaches in this area, though the southern part is better. You can use the "+" button to zoom in further if you wish. Starting from the top is the (the first few overlap with the Kahana map above):
  • Kuleana
  • Hoyochi Nikko
  • Hale Mahina Beach Resort
  • Lokelani
  • Hale Ono Loa
  • Kaleialoha
  • Makani Sands
  • Kulakane
  • Nohonani
  • Pikake
  • Hale Kai
  • Paki Maui
  • Maui Sands
  • Papakea
  • Kaanapali Shores Resort Condos
  • Kaanapali Beach Club
  • Maui Kai
  • Mahana

Kaanapali Resort and Hotel Map - Map of Kaanapali Hotels

OK, this is Kaanapali. This is probably our favorite place to stay, and the room rates at these resorts reflect that. Beach here is excellent. The little peninsula sticking out at the top is called Black Rock. The first resort on Maui, the Sheraton, was built here. The northern part of the beach here is the best, though this whole stretch of beach is gorgeous. You can use the "+" button to zoom in further if you wish. Starting from the top is the:
  • ... these first 3 are actually off the map to the north, just above Kaanapali Beach
  • Westin Kaanapali Beach Villas
  • Maui Kaanapali Villas
  • Royal Lahaina Resort
  • ...then comes
  • Outrigger Maui El Dorado (away from the beach)
  • Sheraton Black Rock
  • Kaanapali Beach Hotel
  • The Whaler
  • The Westin Maui
  • Kaanapali Alii
  • Marriott's Maui Ocean Club
  • Hyatt Regency Maui
You really can't go wrong at any of these resorts. The Kaanapali Beach Hotel and the Kaanapali Alii are the more basic properties here, while the grounds at places like the Sheraton and the Hyatt are spectacular.

North Kihei Condo and Hotel Map - Map of North Kihei Condos

Now we make a jump way down the coast to Kihei. Kihei is not our first choice when it comes to lodging (beaches are not real great here, and it is in more of a city setting), but an abundance of cheaper condos here make it attractive to many visitors. You can use the "+" button to zoom in further if you wish. Starting from the top is the:
  • Kealia Condominium
  • Sugar Beach Resort
  • Kihei Sands
  • Nani Kai Hale
  • Kihei Kai
  • Ma'alaea Surf
  • Kihei Beach Resort
  • Maui Lu
  • Kihei Bay Vista
  • Menehune Shores
  • Koa Resort
  • Koa Lagoon
  • Village By The Sea
  • Luana Kai
  • Maui Sunset
South Kihei continues on the next map below...

South Kihei Condo and Hotel Map - Map of South Kihei Condos

Starting from the top is the:
  • Island Surf
  • Maui Vista
  • Maui Coast
  • Kama'ole Beach Royale
  • Kihei Ali'i Kai
  • Royal Mauian
  • Kama'ole Nalu
  • Hale Pau Hana
  • Kihei Kai Nani
  • Kihei Akahi
  • Maui Banyan
  • Maui Parkshore
  • Kama'ole Sands
  • Hale Kama'ole
  • Maui Kama'ole
  • Maui Hill
  • Kihei Surfside
  • Mana Kai Resort
  • Maui Oceanfront Inn
  • Hale Hui Kai

Wailea Resort Map - Map of Wailea Hotels

Here is a closeup map of the Wailea area. Makena is just to the south. This section shows the major resorts which line this section of coastline. You can use the "+" button to zoom in further if you wish. Starting from the top is the:
  • Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort
  • Wailea Elua
  • Wailea Beach Marriott
  • Wailea Beach Villas
  • Grand Wailea Resort
  • Four Seasons Wailea
  • Wailea Point
  • Fairmont Kea Lani
  • Polo Beach Club
  • ...the inland ones are:
  • Grand Champions
  • Ekolu Village Condos
  • Diamond Wailea Resort (just off map to the right)
Just to the north are 2 other Wailea properties, the:
  • Wailea Ekahi Village Condos
  • Palms at Wailea
Any farther north and you go into the Kihei are.

You can grab and slide the map up to see the other 2 properties in the Makena area just to the south --
  • Makena Surf
  • Maui Prince