Updated: December 2017

Best Napili Vacation Rentals and Condos

When planning your vacation to Maui, figuring out where to stay and getting a good price is one of the most important things you need to consider. You can find the biggest resorts around Kaanapali Beach and Wailea, but many people come to Maui to unwind and get away from the crowds, and some place smaller and quieter, like Napili Bay, really fits the bill. Technically, Napili is just one turn of the road short of Kapalua, so when you are looking at a Maui map, know that Napili is way up on the northwest corner of Maui, just below Kapalua. Kapalua is known for its windy weather, and as Maui goes, Kapalua also usually has the drizzliest, wettest weather along the western side of Maui where most of the tourist resorts are. The weather is relative though - while it is still generally warm and sunny just about everyday, you do take a chance of getting more clouds and drizzle as you head away from Lahaina and go north towards Kapalua and Napili -- just keep that in mind (as a tip, you can always try driving south 15 minutes to 1 hour (Wailea) to escape a wet day in Napili and try for sunshine at another beach).
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This guide will help you find the best hotels, condos, and vacation rentals in the Napili area. The setting here is quaint and more old-fashioned -- just smaller, mostly 2-story resort and condo units stretched along the beach. See the map of Napili Bay below to get started and get familiar with some of the names of the properties around Napili.

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What's the Best Place to Stay in Napili?

Looking at the Napili resort map above, you can see that the largest resort is at the north end of the beach, the Napili Kai Beach Resort. Built in the 60s (though very nicely maintained), The Napili Kai has over 160 units spread around almost a dozen buildings, some perched on the rocky shores along the north of the bay, and several around the north edge of the lovely sandy beach (the sandy colored area on the map along the bay shows where the beach is). Kapalua Beach is just a short stroll around the corner, just off the top of the page. Their official website is NapiliKai.com. Here is an aerial view of their property from their website:
Just down the beach a few steps is the Mauian Hotel at Napili Beach (Mauian.com). There are 45 studio room/kitchen units here with a small swimming pool, but the beach front access to Napili Beach is the real draw. Simple 2-story buildings, nothing fancy, and still no in-room phones or TVs as of a recent visit, these units are meant for couples looking to relax on the beach in a low-profile setting. Even though older than the Napili Kai, this property is also well taken care of and clean. Their website has pictures of the simple rooms and decor to give you an idea what to expect.

Next along the Beach is the small Hale Napili condominiums, with just 18 studio and 1BR units. Many couples come here year after year, so getting a booking can be tough at times. HaleNapiliMaui.com is their official website. The 1BR units can hold up to 4, while the studios accomodate a max. of 3. Room rates are from $135 to $215 per night -- not a bad deal for beachfront Maui rooms. In behind the Hale is the Napili Village, with 26 small studio units and a small pool, just a 20 second walk from the beach. These vacation condos have king size beds and a queen pull-out sofa, AC, cable TV, etc. and there is even a small grocery store and Snorkel Bobs on the premises, and free beach towels and chairs. 2007 room rates are $109 to $139. Their website is NapiliVillage.com.

Napili Sunset is next down the beach, with 40 studio and 1BR, 2BR units for rent. The bottom floors actually are nicer than the upper floors, and the 2 ocean front buildings offer wonderful views and access to the beach. Their website is NapiliSunset.com, and rooms run $140 for the studios set back from the beach to $450 for the 2BR (for up to 4 people) units beach front. 10% discount for month long stays.. An internet special on their website had studio rooms for just $115. The Napili Bay Resort (Napili-Bay.com) is near the south corner of the beach, and is also small with only 34 units for rent. These are individually owned condos for rent, about $140 a night. The beach sand is right outside the doors here, really beach front, great views. You can view all the details on individual units right on their website, including availability calendars.

The Napili Surf Beach Resort sits right on the southern cusp of the beach, half on the sand, half on the rocks that make up the southern peninsula of Napili Bay. There are 53 units here in 4 buildings, set back slightly from the water with a central grassy area. NapiliSurf.com is their official website. These are fully equipped rental condos with kitchens and plenty of space to unwind (about 600sf). Rates run from $116 to $320. As you round the southern peninsula, the sandy beach disappears, giving way to rocks and NO beach access, though snorkeling in the next cove is pretty decent. Here you will find the Napili Shores and Napili Point Resort. Napili Shores (Outrigger.com) is pretty big with over 150 rental condos available. A lot of these buildings are set way back from the ocean, so views are not as good as the prior listings. But you are are still an easy 2 minute walk over to the sandy beach of Napili. Last up is the Napili Point Resort, also with plenty of owner-rentable condos. They have 125 units, pretty large (700sf 1BR, 1100sf 2BR), 2 small pools, about a 5 minute walk over to the beach. They have the desirable website of simply Napili.com. There are full kitchens here and daily maid service, $229 to $469 per night.

Napili Condo Rentals

If you don't like the big resort scene, then Napili might be just the spot for you. Many of these condo resorts are rented out by individual owners, so you can find a home away from home when you rent a condo, complete with a kitchen, washer and dryer, dining room, living room, etc. Condo vacation rentals are so popular because you have more space to stretch out and more amenities, unlike the tiny hotel rooms you find at most resorts. Finding the best condo vacation rental in Napili isn't easy - there are many to choose from. A good place to start is VRBO.com - which stands for Vacation Rental By Owner. You will find listings here, placed by individual owners, for condos all over Maui, including the Napili area. A recent search here found more than 50 rental condos to choose from at Napili Shores, Napili Bay Resort, and Napili Point Resort.