Updated: December 2017

Newport Oregon Restaurants:

On some of my first few trips out to Newport, OR, I was misguided you could say into trying some of the more touristy restaurants that are overrated and not that great compared to other seasoned places. My wife and I first visited Newport a few years back and were talked into going to Mo's Restaurant in the historic bayfront district. We walked away from that experience with a bad taste in our mouths. The chowder was less than desirable and the overall atmosphere was one of tourist trap versus quaint dining experience. My opinion isn't the only negative one on Mo's. When I was doing some research for this article, I check out the other consumer opinions posted on TripAdvisor.com for Mo's and found the restaurant was not even in the Top 10 for all of Newport based on actual traveler comments. I have since been back to Newport several times and have had a chance to test out several other restaurants and compare them to the best.

Newport has lots of different types of food to choose from - Italian, seafood, steakhouse, Mexican, Thai, and Japanese. Since Newport is right on the coast seafood lovers should delight knowing that the fresh catch of the day is often served at the best seafood establishments. Oysters are brought in right from Yaquina Bay, the dungeness crab is fresh, and all sorts of fish are the menus. The historic bayfront area is lively in the evenings on the weekends and boasts quite a few restaurants like Saffron Salmon, Local Ocean Seafoods, Port Dock One, and the Whale Tale. The map of the historic bayfront in Newport is below giving you an idea of where it is located within Newport. It's pretty hard to miss it since signs point you in that direction as you drive through Newport, OR.
Some of the hotels offers excellent dining as well, especially along the water or beach. Nye Beach offers up cuisine at Panache, April's at Nye Beach, and Chowder Bowl at Nye Beach. The Hallmark Resort on Elizabeth Street has Georgies Beachside Grill which isn't bad considering it's part of a hotel. I also like the upscale atmosphere for dinner at the Embarcadero Resort restaurant in along the harbor area. Be adventurous when you travel to new cities and try restaurants that are recommended and off the beaten track. Meals for lunch range from $5 to $10 and dinners went from $10 to $30. Most restaurants keep regular hours, but some have limited openings in the winter or off-season. Be sure to check the websites or call in advance to make sure they will be open, especially on Monday-Wednesday.

Best Restaurants in Newport, OR:

As with any place that serves food, you will get a variety of opinions on what people like. The restaurants that pass the test of seasoned travelers are those that you should be searching out. Don't just go where the tourists go and thing you are doing yourself a favor. I always try to ask a local where they would go and that has proven to be the best advice you can get in any city:
  • Local Ocean Seafoods: 213 SE Bay Blvd, Newport, OR 97365. Phone Number 541-574-7959. Website HERE. Perhaps the best locals restaurants in all of Newport. The place has not been around as long as others in this regions, but the consensus is that this place delivers fresh, succelent seafood and other dishes.
  • Panache: 614 W. Olive Street, Newport, OR. Phone # 541-265-2929. They are open everyday except Wednesday and the dinner menu is posted on their website. Their official website is located Here. The food is excellent and diverse. They use local organic produce and offer up the best wild seafood and hormone free beek/port/lamb. A great dining experience along famous Nye Beach.
  • Saffron Salmon: 859 SW Bay Blvd, Newport, OR. Phone # 541-265-8921. Website - None Available at time of article. Right in the bayfront area at the end of a pier overlooking the harbor and fishing boats. Great atmosphere and fresh seafood. As the name suggests, salmon is their specialty and the salmon sandwich makes the perfect lunch. Lunch prices range from $4-$17 and dinner goes from $10 to $27.
  • Tables of Content: 267 Northwest Cliff Street, Newport, OR 97365. Phone # (541) 265-5428. Website HERE. Situated right along the Pacific Ocean in Nye Beach. This restaurant is part of the Sylvia Beach Hotel, but you don't have to be staying there to eat at Tables of Content. Excellent oceanfront dining with fresh local foods on the menu. Be prepared to share some of yourself as the tables are communal and you could be sitting next to strangers, although many reviewers note that by the end of the meal everyone is friends.
  • Sharks Seafood Bar and Steamer Company: 852 SW Bay Bl., Newport, OR 97365. Phone # 541-574-0590. Website HERE. If you like cioppino, gumbo, or seafood stew, then Shark's is the place for you. Check their website for hours as they tend to be closed on Wednesday and Thursday, but sometimes are open on those days during holidays like Spring Break. They are in the historic bayfront region of Newport.