Updated: December 2017

PDX Parking Options:

I usually park in the parking garage at PDX whenever I fly out of Portland International Airport. I'm often gone for a few days so I pay the $24 daily fee and don't think twice. Recently I had taken a few week long trips with my family and parked in the garage and realized how much money I was wasting. The long term parking lot next door is only slightly cheaper at $16/day and much of it is not covered. There is a new parking structure that is almost done that will vastly increase the # of parking spots right near the terminal itself. Not sure if the new parking garage at PDX will reduce the parking fees or increase them. My guess is that they need to pay for the new project so overnight parking rates will go up. The blue and red economy lots are $10/day and work out pretty well if you have a few minutes to spare before your flight at PDX. When we traveled to Orlando for a week I decided to park in the economy lot and see how that worked out. Overall the bus pickup service is decent, but if it's raining and you have to carry luggage or kids across the parking lot to catch the bus it can be a real hassle.

It rains a lot in Portland so the economy lots don't make a lot of sense unless the weather is dry. Who wants to sit in the rain waiting for the shuttle bus to take you to the airport. Friends of mine have been hounding me to try the Park N Fly parking option which is just off of 82nd Ave if you are on Airport Way. I figured I would give it a try when we went to Hawaii in December and see if it lived up to the hype that everyone had been telling me. I'm hesistant to use these types of services, especially when traveling with my wife and kids. If anything goes wrong then I don't hear the end of it. I did my research online reading reviews on both Yelp and TripAdvisor. All the customer comments I could find were positive and most said that the Park N Fly service was better than Air Park which is right next door and offers a similar airport shuttle service. Although we were just heading to Hawaii, we still had plenty of bags and I expected the shuttle airport service from the park n ride lot to be a hassle. I was totally proven wrong. Keep reading below to find out more about Park n Fly PDX.

Park N Fly Portland:

The first thing you notice as you enter the gates is that almost immediately a shuttle bus or van follows you to wherever you park. There is no getting out of your car and waiting for a shuttle or having to walk more than 2 feet to get on one. The Park n Fly shuttle literally follows you to your parking spot, the driver gets out and helps you unload your luggage straight from your car to their shuttle bus and they do almost all the work for you. It was sprinkling the day we parked here so not having to stand or wait in the rain for the shuttle pickup was nice. We were the only ones on the shuttle (the lot was almost completely full telling me this service is valuable) and taken immediately to the airport without waiting for other passengers. This is the type of service you don't find at the PDX parking lots. We were dropped off at the terminal entrance and I gave the driver a small tip for helping us with the bags. He gave me a card with our exact parking spot (row and #) so that when we returned he could take us right to our spot. I called them when we landed at PDX airport and had gotten our bags from the baggage claim area and they arrived within a minute or two. We waited outside for them at the curb and again the driver helped us with our bags and we were back at the Park n Fly parking lot within 5 minutes. Another passenger was on the shuttle with us and he got dropped off first. Then we were taken to our car (it was midnight by now) and we unloaded the bags into our SUV and drove home. The entire process was so easy and the best part of all is that the service is only $7.50/day if you use a coupon they offer on their website. I've used those door to door shuttles offered at airports and most are impersonal and not always on time as you they have to pickup other people or drop them off. This service wastes no time and the one guy on our shuttle said they know him on a first name basis since he uses it so much. Their website is at Parkshuttleflypdx.com and you can even book online by putting in your drop off time and pick up time. They are staffed 24 hours a day so no matter what time you return or want to leave from PDX they are always capable of handling it. "Hassle Free Airport Parking" is something that is posted on their website and I couldn't agree more.

Park n Fly Coupon:

Be sure to visit their website and print out the PDX parking coupon so that you can get the insanely cheap rate of only $7.50/day. When you leave the facility after picking up your car, present the coupon to the person who collects the fee and they will give you the discount. The Park n Fly coupon is easy to print out online and you can also get their 100 bonus miles offer that they do with Alaska Airlines. On a week long trip you can save over $100 using this service instead of paying the $24/day to park in the parking structure at PDX. Now that I have had a positive experience I will definitely be using this shuttle service at the Portland airport more often. I like the convenienve of driving my own car to the airport but not having to deal with parking and the bad weather in the economy lots while waiting for a ride.