Updated: December 2017

REVIEW - Hotel Champlain - Best Quebec City Hotels:

In planning any vacation or trip to Quebec City, keep in mind that hotel rates are expensive and that finding a real bargain is not easy. I scoured VRBO (vacation rentals) and hotel websites for months in trying to find a place that was located in a good spot and wasn't going to break my budget. The good news is that anyplace in the Old Quebec area - upper or lower section - is just fine and you will be walking around the city and surrounding area anyways. Old Quebec is amazing and seeing it on foot is the preferred way. The hotel that comes to mind when you start researching the city is the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac - the hotel is beautiful and certainly one we would all like to stay at but with prices starting at $500/night it's not a likely choice. My wife and I considered it for a second and then thought better of it since we had our 9 year old daughter and 5 year old on the trip with us. There were a few good apartments we found on VRBO.com but they booked up before I had a chance to commit. They were in the upper section of Old Quebec and within walking distance to all the sites. If you are traveling with kids definitely consider an apartment instead of a stuffed hotel room. The apartments we looked at were $275/night and up. Not cheap, but nothing is in this city.

We ended up choosing the Hotel Champlain Vieux Quebec since it offered a room that we liked (2 queen beds) and had parking as well. With a rental car from the United States, we need to find a hotel with parking in Quebec City and they had it. Be sure to give them some notification that you will need parking as I forgot and they were nearly out of spots when we arrived. I parked on the street in front of the hotel. The hotel itself is off of Rue St. Anne and finding it was fairly easy. The map below shows you the exact location:

hotel champlain location map

The hotel had a nice lobby with a sitting area, computer connected to the internet, and a breakfast section where we were given a FREE meal every morning to get started. The suite we had was nice and roomy with 2 queen beds and a separator curtain that ran down the middle of the two beds. There was also a fireplace in the room - although the summer temperatures were in the 80's and we didn't need that. The bathroom was small but the extended sitting area in the hotel room with TV, refrigerator, and table/chairs was very nice. We enjoyed the 2 nights we spent here and the rate was about $275/night with taxes and parking included. The hotel was quiet and there was an elevator. The staff was friendly and tried to help us with directions, restaurants that would be kid friendly, and other sightseeing hints. Overall a great experience and a hotel we would consider the next time we get back to Old Quebec. See their website at http://www.champlainhotel.com.

Quebec City Hotels - Upper and Lower Old Quebec:

Old Quebec is split into 2 distinct sections - the upper and lower. There are literally 100's of step that take you up or down between the 2 levels or you can save energy and time by taking the funicular. It's a railway type of car that takes you up and down in about a minute. There is a line sometimes, but it's worth the price of $2/each at least once. The most prominent hotel in the city is the Fairmont which stands high above everything else. The Chateau Frontenac truly does resemble a castle and I'm sure the rooms are amazing - although I have never seen them personally. We walking into the lobby and it definitely was nice - don't plan on using the toilets as a visitor since they require a room key to get into the bathrooms in the lobby. Rooms are very expensive at $500+/night. Other hotel choices in Upper town are the Clarendon Hotel, Hotel St. Anne, Auberge St. Louis, Hotel du Vieux Quebec, and Hotel Maison. The time of year can definitely impact hotel rates and pricing on rooms, but expect to spend at least $200/night and probably upwards of $250 for a decent spot with modern rooms. There is a Courtyard and Hilton just outside the walls of Old Quebec, but staying there other than for business purposes is not recommended as you will miss out on the charm of Quebec City. Check Expedia and other online resources for hotel rooms to try and get the best deal.

Tripadvisor Reviews on Quebec City Accommodations:

What do others have to say about lodging options in Quebec City? We looked at perhaps the most well respected site of all - Tripadvisor. If you want to find available hotels in Quebec City it's best to start with an unbiased website like Tripadvisor where you can read up on 100's of travelers comments and feedback from their vacations. Places like Auberge Le Vincent and Maison du Fort are clear winners in this city and owner reviews are near perfect for these quaint hotels. We walked by several of these hotels as we made our way through Old Quebec. Le Champlain Hotel (our hotel) showed up at #14 out of 86 hotels that were rated and I would definitely say it deserves that ranking. The great thing about Quebec City is that it is small, so no hotel has a huge advantage when it comes to location except perhaps the Chateau Frontenac. Otherwise, most properties you choose should be above average. Some are praise for service while others get bad marks for noise levels. Be sure to read at least a few reviews from singles, families, business people, etc. to get a feel for what the hotel does and does not do well. You will be paying a lot of money and should look for the best value.