Updated: December 2017

Palm Springs Airport Car Rentals:

Renting a car from the Palm Springs airport is about as simple as it gets. I've rented from airports all over the world and many of them turn into the process into a major hassle. The good news about Palm Springs is that it's a small airport and therefore everything seems easier down here. Just getting from the arrival gate to the baggage claim area and front of the airport is easy. Car rentals have pickups right out front of the airport - just cross the first few lanes of traffic and follow the signs for your rental agency. I rented with Enterprise - they are located off site so we had to take a quick 5 minute shuttle bus to their location. They are in between Airport Center Drive and East Ramon Road. Convenient for returning your car at the end of your stay - their shuttles run all day long. We waited maybe 5 minutes at the airport for pickup and the shuttle left immediately when we departed from the office to the airport.

Rental Car Prices Palm Springs:

First of all, let's start with the main companies that rent at PSP airport. You have all the usuals - Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, and Thrifty. Most of them are right onsite so the rental process is very easy. Eventhough I had to take the shuttle bus to Enterprise, it was still very simple with no problems or time delays. What is pricing like for rental cars? We found most companies are very similar, but definitely check with a few. The lowest rates for us were at Enterprise and Alamo was very competitive. On the other hand Avis and Hertz were quite a bit higher which makes no sense unless you are traveling for business and want the convenience of rewards or points. Expect to spent at $30/day and upwards of $70 for a nicer premium car. You can go to websites like Expedia, Hotwire, or Orbitz to rent your car, but I have found that searching the Internet for "rental car coupon cods" and then taking that information to the actual website (i.e. Hertz.com) gets you the best deals. Check out Mousesavers.com for the latest special promotions and discount codes. There are lots of gas stations within a mile or so of the airport, so don't prepay for the gas, fill it up as you approach the airport and save a few bucks. Down below are the companies along with local and 800 # to help you get started on booking something.
  • Alamo - Palm Springs # 760-327-4100 (Toll Free 800-462-5266)
  • Avis - Palm Springs # 760-778-6300 (Toll Free 800-230-4898)
  • Budget - Palm Springs # 760-778-1960 (Toll Free 800-527-0700)
  • Dollar - Palm Springs # 760-325-7334 (Toll Free 800-800-4000)
  • Enterprise - Palm Springs # 760-778-0054 (Toll Free 800-325-8007)
  • Hertz - Palm Springs # 760-778-5100 (Toll Free 800-654-3131)
  • National - Palm Springs # 760-327-1438 (Toll Free 800-227-7368)
  • Thrifty - Palm Springs # 760-325-7334 (Toll Free 800-847-4389)

Renting a Car vs Taking the Airport Shuttle:

Depending on where you are staying at the Palm Springs region, renting a car may not make sense. Some of the larger resorts offer shuttle service from Palm Springs Airport to their hotel or resort. In that case, if you plan on just hanging around the resort all week, then a rental car may not be the best choice. I rented my car simply because I needed to get to the tennis tournament everyday and I also wanted to drive out to Joshua Tree National Park to see that for the first time. Places like the Hyatt Grand Champions and the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa are pretty much inclusive resorts with restaurants, activities, etc. - so you may not need car if staying at grand resorts like those. Just get picked up from the airport and driven to the resort where you will hang out all week. I prefer to be able to get out and eat at different restaurants and explore a bit, so renting a car works for me.