Updated: December 2017

Ritz Carlton Kapalua Pictures and Review

We recently made another trip to Maui in Feb. of 2008 and updated a lot of our reviews and photos. We made a special visit to the Kapalua Ritz Carlton and came back with some nice photos to show you what the pool, beaches, and grounds look like. We especially enjoyed a late afternoon cocktail at The Alaloa Lounge (also known as the lobby lounge). This great location has an elevated view looking out over the 3 cascading pools and right out to the glorious ocean - drink prices are about what you would expect at a luxury hotel bar, but the view is priceless (as they say!). Here's a view from the Ritz Carlton lower pool looking up at the lobby lounge (top floor, above the big windows in the middle). Below it is a view from the lobby looking out over the Alaloa Lounge seating area.

ritz carlton pool photo

Ritz Carlton Views - Maui, Kapalua Photos

Here's another shot, this time looking down from the Alaloa Lounge over the pool area. Straight ahead and slightly to the right is DT Fleming Beach, which you'll see another photo of below.
ritz carlton restaurant
The pool area itself is great, but those little tent/cabana things will cost you - you have to pay to get some shade here at the Ritz. Overall, though, we really like the setting and atmosphere at the Ritz. If you are accustomed to travelling in style, you won't be disappointed with a stay here in Kapalua.

Ritz Carlton Maui Views

The main hotel here forms a U-shaped pattern around the pools, with the closed end of the "U" housing the lobby and the open end pointing out towards the ocean -- the sides with all the guest rooms look like the photo below. Lots of palm trees grace your views and lounge chairs when you enjoy your stay here.

Ritz Carlton Maui Beaches

The 2 main beaches accessible from the Maui Ritz are DT Fleming and Oneloa (also known as Ironwoods - it is accessed from the parking lot off Ironwoods Dr.). DT Fleming is the first picture below - you get there from walking down the lawn towards the right as you leave the pool area. To get to Oneloa, you walk down the lawn and head to the left - go under the overpass and down about 200 yards to the Ironwoods parking lot, then follow the beach access path down to the beach. One word of warning here - it's kind of a tricky path to the beach, with the last 20 feet traversing some tricky maneuvers over slippery dirt and some 2 foot drop-offs -- I had to carry my two kids down these sections to make sure they didn't take a tumble. I wouldn't recommend this beach access path for elderly people or folks with small children unless you are willing to do a little crab-walking or crawling to get down there. As beaches go, the first, DT Fleming is the superior beach, with plenty of sand, bathrooms, picnic tables, etc. whereas Oneloa has a lava bench that dominates most of the beach (meaning you can't wade or swim here unless you head over to the far left side of the beach). However, Oneloa is certainly the less crowded and more private spot -- if you are looking for sand and sun and not many people, head here.
DT Fleming beach
Oneloa Beach Maui