Updated: December 2017

Seaworld Orlando - SeaWorld Map:

Take a guess why SeaWorld is located in Orlando, Florida? Well, as it turns out, there is a little place about 6 miles south along Hwy 4 called DisneyWorld... you can probably figure out the rest! Located at 6600 Sea Harbor Drive (at the Central Florida Pkwy off Hwy 4) in Orlando, SeaWorld would probably qualify as a destination unto itself, but of course most people heading for an Orlando vacation are heading for Disney -- then they decide what other attractions to fill in for a day or two while they are in the area. Right across the street are Aquatica Park (AquaticaBySeaworld.com -- they have wave pools, water rides, waterslides, etc.) and Discovery Cove (DiscoveryCove.com -- where you can swim with dolphins and rays). You can see a map to SeaWorld Orlando here. SeaWorld is the most popular park in the family of Busch locations, attracting about 6 million visitors annually.

SeaWorld Tickets and Discount Coupons

You can save time by buying your SeaWorld tickets in advance at their website -- SeaWorld.com. How much are SeaWorld tickets? When you purchase online, you get adult tickets for the same prices as kids -- $60 for a one day ticket (kids under 3 free). You can also buy 2 or 3 park tickets to combine visits to Busch Gardens (in Tampa) and Aquatica (waterslide park) -- tickets range from $85 to $125, depending on which parks you choose, and you can visit the parks on any day you choose during a 14 day period. If you plan on visiting a number of Busch parks within a 2 year period, think about investing in the Platinum Passport for $429 -- it gives you unlimited visits at 9 parks, with special privileges like getting to ride some top attractions twice in a row without having to wait in line again. Discount tickets to SeaWorld are tough to come by, but some promotions will save you money on tickets. Southwest Airlines frequent flier program card will normally get you 20% off tickets (at the gate only, not online). If you're an AAA member(the car club, not a drinker..) you can get $5 off at the gate. AARP offers a $3 discount.

Seaworld Hours - Maps:

SeaWorld Orlando is open every day of the year at 9AM -- normal closing hour is 6PM, though they are open later on holidays and during summer months (open until 10PM). You can see an interactive map of SeaWorld Orlando here.

Best SeaWorld Rides, Shows and Attractions:

Of course the star attractions at SeaWorld are the sea mammals - killer whales, dolphins, seals.. Combine these delightful animals with music and theatrical effects and plenty of splashes, and you have shows that never fail to please entire stadiums filled with cheering visitors. Most of the animal shows are done 2 or 3 times per day, so plan your schedule accordingly to fit them all in. You can see the park hours and show schedules here -- just select the month of your visit and click on the day and the show schedule will come up.

SeaWorld Shows
  • Shamu - Believe: you have to see Believe to believe it! Amazing killer whale show, probably our favorite.
  • Blue Horizons - birds and humans fly through the air while dolphins explode from the water -- this is a great show.
  • Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island - famous pair of sea lions, crack you up with their antics
  • Mistify - night time show with fireworks, mist screens, lasers, music.
  • Pets Ahoy - all kinds of pets entertain in this one - dogs, skunks, pigs.. lots of fun.
  • Shamu Rocks - rock and roll music and killer whales combined - how can you go wrong? (this is a seasonal night show, summer and holidays)
  • Sea Lions Tonight - sea lions, otters, and walruses in comedy skits.
  • Bayside Ski Jam - stunt kites and wave runners, oh my!
  • A'Lure, The Call of the Ocean - enjoy the tricks and stunts of the Sea Sirens.

SeaWorld Rides and Attractions/Exhibits. As for rides, there really are just a few. We love the Kraken coaster -- Atlantis is pretty good as well. The other exhibits are all animal-related, as they should be.
  • Kraken (54" height requirement) - floorless roller coaster, tallest and fastest in Orlando
  • Journey to Atlantis (42" height requirement) - water flume ride with great special effects and scenery along the way
  • Wild Artic Ride (42" height requirement) - flight simulator ride featuring big screen animal appearances from the frozen north
  • Shamu's Happy Harbor - little kids rides - carousel, mini coaster, jellyfish ride, teacups, Pirate's Nets, crab ride
  • Skytower - 400 foot tall observation tower, rotates as it goes up and down for panoramic Orlando views (costs $3, which is odd..)
  • Manta - a face-down rollercoaster (2009) where you hang under a giant manta ray as you soar up to 60MPH
  • Shark Encounter - walk thru acrylic tunnel with sharks all around
  • Wild Arctic - see walruses, white beluga whales, and polar bears
  • Dolphin Cove - interactive dolphin pools where you can look or pay extra to feed them
  • Penguin Encounter - who doesn't love penguins? (gotta wonder how these guys handle Florida heat!)
  • Shamu Close Up - get a glimpse from under the tank of the legendary killer whale
  • Manatee Rescue - you'll see these floating sea cows, the manatees, from above and below water
  • Stingray Lagoon - watch and touch these amazing animals as they "fly" through the water

Hotels Near Seaworld in Orlando:

Since SeaWorld Orlando is so close to DisneyWorld, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of hotel and motel options nearby. Some of the hotels closest to SeaWorld include the Marriott Residence Inn - Orlando Seaworld, Hawthorn Suites, Hilton Grand Vacation Club Orlando, Marriott Grande Vista, International Plaza Resort and Spa, Days Inn Orlando Seaworld, Hilton Garden Inn Orlando, Clarion Hotel Universal, Quality Suites, and Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld. Everyone has different things they look for in a hotel -- we suggest reading some hotel reviews in the Orlando area at TripAdvisor -- you'll find rates ranging from $120 to $500 and more.