Updated: December 2017

Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino Review:

Last year during a Blazers game I was fortunate enough to catch one of the envelopes that drops from the blimp that circles the inside of the arena during the game. Inside the envelope was a FREE night stay and a $40 dining credit to the Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino in Canyonville, Oregon. I have driven by this casino about 20 times over the last few years but never thought about actually going to it. It's not necessarily a destination for me as I live closer to Portland. We drive back and forth to California several times each year and so I thought, let's get a head start one day and drive the 3 hours. The casino rooms are nice and the lobby is spacious. We did not use valet parking, although that is very convenient since the parking lot is only a few yards away. The room we had reserved was a queen/queen and it was plenty big in size. It overlooked the rooftop of the indoor pool. The guest reception staff was very friendly and they showed us where the pool and casino were located.

The rooms in the Seven Feathers Hotel are very nice, with a new feeling to them. There was a small refrigerator in our room along with the 2 queen beds and a well appointed bathroom. The day we departed, my kids left their swimming goggles and swimsuits in the lobby and we were able to call guest services to tell them we would be back in a few days to pick up the gear. They were very nice about it all and gave us a claim # so we could recover our lost swimming gear. I would definitely say that Seven Feathers Hotel is a good spot to stop off at on I-5 if you are going past. They offer concerts, cage fighting, wine tasting, and other seasonal events right on site. The River Rock Spa is another aspect of the hotel that we have yet to experience but I heard good things about it. You can get a massage, body treatment and more. Of course there is the actual casino. Bingo and keno are some of my favorites, but if you like table games try blackjack or craps. The crowds were light the evening I was on the floor and the dealers were pleasant. Like any modern casino, it seems like the slots or video poker machines outnumber the tables 50 to 1. For around $80/night the Seven Feathers Hotel is a reasonably priced placed to stay with above average food and plenty to do.

Seven Feathers Casino Location - How Far from Portland, Oregon?:

Where is Seven Feathers Casino? It's located at Seven Feathers Casino Resort 146 Chief Miwaleta Lane, Canyonville, OR 97417. Their website can be found online at Sevenfeathers.com and you can reach them on the phone at 800-548-8461. The drive down from Portland is roughly 3 hours - 200 miles or so. Crater Lake is a little over 2 hours away and the coast is less than 2 hours drive. I probably won't stop by every time I drive through this area, but now that I have experienced their hospitality, I can see staying once a year as we make our way back and forth from California.

Seven Feather Hotel and Casino Amenities - Indoor Pool, Casino, Dining:

The kids were anxious to try out the indoor pool - which is huge. There are also 2 hot tubs to enjoy if you want. I was surprised that there were quite a few kids at the place. Normally casinos in out of the way places are not frequented by families. We even saw a family that we know from the Portland area and they too were trying the hotel/casino for the first time. With the weather almost 90 degrees outside it would have been nice to be at the pool in the outdoor environment, but the kids enjoyed it anyways. There are both a men's and women's swim locker room where you can change or shower. There was limited seating around the pool but they do have a little room next to the pool that has tables and chairs as well. I always forget about the smoking allowed rules in casinos and quickly realize why I don't like being in them. The casino was at least clean, but filled with quite a few smokers. We had to walk past a few slot machines in order to get to dinner. We ate at the Cow Creek Restaurant and the service was very good. The food was so-so, but overall we had a good meal and no complaints. After dinner we visited the 'game room' or arcade they have. It wasn't too bad. A good way to pass an hour or so letting the kids play some arcade games. As far as I know, all rooms get a free breakfast buffet and that is where we had breakfast the following morning. It's right next to their ice cream stand. A decent variety of things for breakfast foods - juices, bagels, donuts, waffles, yogurt, milk, etc.