Updated: December 2017

Soho London Walking Tour:

Soho is the trendy area of London that is bordered by Oxford Street, Regent St., Shaftesbury Ave., and Charing Cross Road. London's Soho district is hip and loaded with new restaurants, shops, and nightclubs. It's best to visit Soho in the evening when things start to liven up after work. I was lucky enough to go on a Friday night (2009) and I had dinner at the Soho Hotel in their Refuel restaurant which was fabulous. You could take a walking tour of Soho in the daytime but I feel like you would miss it's true essence - which tends to come out at night. The pubs and nightclubs that line many of the streets are why people flock to this area of London. It's easily reached by subway and walking only takes a few minutes from any Tube station as you approach the main core of Soho. We have provided a map of the region down below with a basic walking map to show you the best way to wind through the streets of Soho and start from Tottenham Court Rd. Tube station and end up at world famous Piccadilly Circus that is like a miniature Times Square found in New York City.

You need to first get on the Central Line of the London Underground and head towards the Tottenham Court Road stop. Once off the subway you will head towards the Charing Cross Rd exit. Then take your first right and follow it until you meet the Falconberg Mews and take a left. Go right on Sutton Row and then take another right at Soho Square and follow the road around until you take another right onto Carlisle St. When you come to Dean Street take a left and take your 2nd right which leads you to the Soho Hotel. It's a great place to grab dinner at the Refuel Soho restaurant within the hotel. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND making reservations if you plan on eating dinner here as it can fill up quite quickly on a weekend night. If you are going to just drop in for drinks, then you should be able to get a place near the bar. The dinner menu has items like roast duck, salmon, lamb, sea bass, and much more. The atmosphere was bright and jovial and the wait staff was on top of everything. My wife and I had dinner her for about $100 GBP ($145 US). As you follow the map down below you will see that you can leave Refuel and continue your walk towards Piccadilly Circus on Wardour Street. If you are thirsty for a pint then head back out the front of the Soho Hotel towards Bateman Street and visit either The Dog & Duck Pub or Crown and 2 Chairmen Pub both located near Bateman. No matter what we say finish your evening somehwere near Piccadilly Circus where the lights and neon signs will give you added energy and perhaps get you to stop by another pub in this area. There is a complete Soho Pub and Bar Guide online HERE.

Soho London Map - Walking Tour: