Updated: December 2017

Transportation from Marco Polo Airport to Venice:

When you fly into Marco Polo Airport (VCE) the views are simply amazing of Venice. I was lucky enough to take my wife to Venice a few years ago and we had an incredible time. The first thing you need to understand is that no cars are allowed on the small island of Venice, Italy. You can take a bus or train all the way out along the SR11 (Ponte della Liberta) waterway, but eventually you need to get onto a water boat or private water taxi if you want to get anywhere. With luggage, walking is probably not the best option, although it can be quite the adventure as you wind through small corridors and try to locate your hotel or lodging accommodations. I decided to surprise my wife with a private water taxi from Marco Polo airport into Venice. The private boat was roughly $150 (US) and it took about 35 minutes total to get from the Venice airport to our hotel. We stayed at Hotel Colombina which has a water entrance so the water taxi was able to drop us off right at the front door - not something you see everyday.

When you arrive into Marco Polo airport you will have to walk about 1/4 mile to the water transport area - or the water taxi docks. I recall it took us less than 10 minutes to get there after we got out luggage. Per the Marco Polo airport map below, you can see the terminal location and what direction you need to walk in order to get to the water docks. If you don't already have a water taxi ticket, be sure to buy one in the airport before leaving to the boat docks. The Venice Alilaguna hydrofoil runs daily service from the airport into the city centre until midnight. The total time is about 1 hour, but the scenery is unbelieveable. There is a bus service that takes you from the airport and to the nearby railway stations.

Venice water taxi rates are expensive, at least if you plan on taking a private transfer into the city of Venice. Taking a Venice water taxi from the airport is your fastest choice when it comes to not wasting any time. The boats can cruise along the water and there are various drop-off points if you are on one of the public boats. We have supplied another map below showing the water taxi routes from VCE to Venice. The most popular stop is at Piazza San Marco and then you can walk to your hotel. We had a prepaid ticket with a water taxi company so they were waiting at the docks for us and we climbed onboard and headed over to the majestic city. The ride was smooth and the driver - speaking broken English - told us about the island of Murano as we passed and then a few things as we headed into the heart of Venice. The waterways are amazing as you barely have room to maneuver with other boats and gondolas trying to fit into very thin canals. The sleek, water taxis (called motoscafo) are expensive but worth the experience in my opinion.

Water Taxi Venice Airport Cost:

Taking a private water taxi from Venice airport will cost you roughly $150 and the journey will be about 40 minutes to the heart of the city. If you don't have prepaid tickets, make sure the price is discussed and agreed upon before departing. The more people (up to a point) you have on the taxi ride the better the deal. Many of the private water taxis we saw only had 2 people in them, but they can hold up to 15 in most cases. Taking a shared water taxi from Venice airport to the city is a great solution if you want to save a little money. As you get closer to the docks, ask fellow tourists if they too are heading into the city and want to share a ride together. You still get a semi-private trip and the cost will be cut in half. There are public water taxi services on vaporetto boats that take you to the major stopping points, but not directly to your hotel. You will have to walk the final distance on foot. Make sure you have a good map as the address system in Venezia is not that great and it's definitely confusing for those of us from America. As I mentioned above, we were taken directly to our hotel via the canals which made life very easy for us. We also took the same private water transfer back to Marco Polo on the day of our departure. Seeing Venice from the waterways and looking around is worth the extra money you spend.

Venic Water Taxi Map:

Just where is the best spot to get off if you are traveling up and down the Grand Canal on a water taxi? You can download a PDF file of the Venice Vaporetto Map HERE. The water bus routes take you almost anywhere you want to go in Venice and are very convenient. Every few minutes another one will come by, just like a bus system, except it's on the waterways. From the Venice water bus you can see the Rialto Bridge, Ca' d Oro, Palazzo Ducale, and much more.